Fall Fitness in 4 Easy Steps


I don’t know about you but as soon as fall hits I can’t wait to cozy up. I am all about sweaters, layers and pumpkin everything. For me it seems much easier to stay fit during the warmer months. My summers are all about being out and about. And like many of you I tend to wear less and eat light. Summer salads and fresh fruits and veggies hit the spot for me. And iced green teas and fresh pressed juice just seem easier to come by…but once autumn hits there’s something that just makes me want to settle in and indulge a little more. There’s nothing wrong with either of those things, but it is important to me to stay active so I have to switch up my routine a bit. If you’re looking for ways to stay (or get) in shape this fall then these tips might be helpful to you too. 

Here are four small things you can do to help you stay fit through fall:

1. Get in tune with nature- Although I might be less motivated to visit the gym when the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler, it is a great time to get out and tune in to nature. And while summer days might be too hot for hiking, if your weather is anything like mine it’s perfect in the fall. I also like to take longer walks in my neighborhood during this time of year. Having a dog helps but you certainly don’t need one. Find a way to move your workouts outdoors; bike rides, hiking, jogging and long walks are much more pleasant in the fall. One of my good friends is part of a bike group that meets on Saturday mornings and they ride Pedego bikes through one of our neighboring downtown city streets. That sounds like the perfect thing to do this fall and I can’t wait to join them.  If you haven’t heard of Pedego bikes you can check them out here. They’re electric and they help you go a little further and of course a little faster, but don’t think you’re not burning calories. They’re  a fun way to exercise and there’s probably a similar group you can join in a city near you too!

2. Remember that there’s an app for that-there are all kinds of apps that allow you to work out in the convenience of your home, with a variety of exercises. So on days when the weather doesn’t permit that outdoor experience check out an app. We have a peloton bike and I love the app that comes along with it because I can take an on demand class virtually and still get that gym feel right from the convenience of my home. And it’s much more than biking. There’s yoga, running, strength training and more. You don’t have to own a Peloton to enjoy this kind of convenience though, there are tons of apps available. My husband also uses one of the The7 Minute Workout Apps to go along with his home cardio. With this app he adds yoga moves and circuit training while working out at home. There’s a good article about some of the 7 Minute Apps in Women’s Health that you can read here.

3. Embrace those fall veggies-While I don’t like my meals as light and crisp as I do in the summer, I do try to embrace the heartier versions of my summer favorites. Quinoa, Figs, Portobellos, Butternut Squash, Caramelized Onions, and Sweet Maple dressings or Creamy Pumpkin Vinaigrettes will help make those salads hearty enough to feel like the healthier versions of your favorite fall comfort foods too. Here’s a link to a great post with some great fall salad recipes to help you mix it up a bit.

4. Set a goal and tie it to an upcoming event-I love to give myself something to work towards. Goal setting helps to keep me focused on the journey. But I really love to tie it to an upcoming event that I will want to look at feel my best at. I often run a race in the spring. One of our local cities has a Shamrock Marathon every March and my bonus daughter and I are running the 8K together next year. I am also going to see Oprah on her 2020 Vision Tour: Your Life in Focus which is a Weight Watchers Reimagined event so of course I want to stay focused for that too (you can check that out here)!

Do you have an upcoming event? If not, look for something health related that might keep you on track too!

Those are my 4 easy tips to change up your routine a little for fall. I’d also add to invest in some cute gear. That always makes me feel better when working out too. I love looks that I can layer over for fall. The featured photo shows a look from Cacique Intimates. I love their wide range of sizes and you can view them here.

I would love to hear what you already do to adjust your regimen too!

Until Next Post,

xo Tonya Parker

*This is not a sponsored post but the featured look was gifted by Cacique

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Tonya Parker is a counselor, author and certified life coach who believes in helping women look and feel their best! Ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine and author of Single Mom Chic

7 thoughts on “Fall Fitness in 4 Easy Steps

  1. I love the tips that you give here. I can tell that you stay fit too. You look awesome!! I had not heard of those type of bikes. I enjoy nature too. Number 4 is a great one. I have a conference coming up so I will keep on working towards that. Thank you Tonya!

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  2. I embrace the cooler temps! Hiking and biking are my faves! I do miss doing yoga outside but the pop up yoga classes offered are in some cool spots like old theaters! I’ll be checking out some apps for quick workouts! Great article!

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