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Hi there! So glad you stopped by. The Real Chic Life is full of real-life advice, fashion and beauty tips. I’m a counselor and author who loves to help women look and feel their best. I like to focus on the idea of self care and how “putting your own mask on first” can help you not only live your best life but also help you be an even better mom. Here on this site I will chat with you about life, relationships, friendship, beauty and fashion. So if you are a chic mom or looking for advice on how to become one, you have come to the right place. If you are a single mom, a married mom, or not even a mom at all there is something here for you too! Welcome to The The Real Chic Life!

Tonya Parker is a counselor, blogger, and former single mom who recently published a book, Single Mom Chic, about her journey as a single mom. The book employs 7 simple steps to help single moms live their best lives, and it’s full of tips on career strategies, creating a chic home and wardrobe on a budget, dating, building a co-parenting team and more.

Tonya claims Virginia Beach, VA as her home but recently remarried (after a 13 year journey as a single mom) and moved to central Virginia. Her husband is superintendent of their county’s school district and she works as a school counseling director. They live in a quaint little village community and enjoy spending time with family and traveling. Tonya loves her work as a school counseling director and is passionate about working with women, to empower and encourage them to live their best lives!

Click the link below to check out her book Single Mom Chic



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  1. I can say without hesitation that my dear friend Tonya is a role model for many of the women she encounters in life including myself. Her confidence, sense of style, and purpose in life are qualities to admire and positively inspire those around her. I have just ordered her first book from Amazon and can’t wait to get my hands on it…and get it autographed of course! xoxo

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  2. Hi Single Mom Chic Life Team,

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