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How to Embrace Your Inner Glow

A post by Courtney Imade How to Embrace Your Inner Glow Last year I gave birth to my first son on New Year’s day. I returned to work full-time 8 weeks later, and then when my son was nine months old I found myself unexpectedly pregnant again. Being a Mom to my adorable son Mason

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5 Ways To Get Fit On The Go

5 Easy Ways to Get Fit In The Go If you’re anything like me you have tons of fitness goals for the new year. The time off during the holidays paired with our New Year resolutions lead to a renewed sense of structure and the desire to add fitness to our To-Do Lists. Unfortunately, desire doesn’t

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2018 For the Win and a Better Bolder Real Chic Life

Happy New Year friends Like many of you I dive head first into a New Year. There’s just something about goal setting, organizing my thoughts, dreams, and future plans that really gets me going. An excuse to make a list? Yes, please! A reason to reflect on all of things I am grateful for… Oh,

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