Investing in You-Three Things You Can Do


I was tempted to write this post about investment pieces- you know… all the must haves to complete your wardrobe and have you looking your best in 2020, but then I thought that it might be more appropriate as we enter this new decade to talk about your biggest investment, which of course is you, because in order to truly invest in all of the people we love it’s important that we feel really good about who we are too!

And for all of my fashion loving friends, I will still create a post on a few investment pieces to help you look your best soon, but let’s talk about the feeling your best part first. 

If we’re connected on social media you may have seen me posting about my Inspiring Women piece on SeroVital’s Blog. If you didn’t catch it you can read it here. I was so honored when they asked to feature me as their first inspiring woman of the new year. Most of us don’t walk around thinking about how inspiring we are so it’s always surprising and quite the honor when someone refers to you in that way. And with that being said, I want you all to know that I’m just as inspired by so many of you. I love reading or hearing your stories and I’m always happy to share my joys and my struggles in hopes that it will help someone else too. 

In the SeroVital article I shared how one of my biggest challenges actually turned out to be a blessing. This particular part of my story was pivotal in helping me to find my passion for helping women look and feel their best, but it started with me going through a really scary health experience, brought on by what I think was stress. I shared that at that time in my life I was a single mom trying so hard to keep it all together on the outside that things went haywire on the inside. It taught my goal-driven self that no achievement is worth your physical or mental health and the only way to enjoy the things and people that you are working so hard for is if you actually feel well enough to be present  for them. 

So as we all get excited about checking off our 2020 goals I want to give you a few things to add to that checklist to make sure you are investing in you too. And as a side note, we all know that we should get exercise– no gym membership required because walking works, eat well– make small changes not big drastic ones as they are more likely to stick and drink water- like your life depends on it because…well it does. But there are tons of posts like that so let’s move beyond diet and exercise. Here are three other things you can do. 

1.Create a morning routine and a nightly check in– We all know that how we start our day matters, but I think how we end it matters just as much too. Make sure your morning routine no matter what your day is filled with starts with time just for you. Find something you enjoy (even if it’s just for 15 min) and do it every day before your day gets going. Because I am someone who appreciates change, that has looked different over the years. I have started my day with meditation, exercise, journaling, reading and always with gratitude. 

And while my routine has changed over the years, I always have a morning routine but I also believe that your routine for ending your day is just as important. Set aside a few minutes to check in on your day. How do you feel? Tomorrow is a new day-forgive yourself (or others) for the things that went awry and decide what you would like to do differently tomorrow. Do a mental high five of what went well. Next, write down any to-do’s that might be nagging you. Writing them down helps you release them (for now) and sleep a little better without running through them in your mind. Finally- end your night time routine with a prayer or positive affirmation.

2.Learn something new- If you have been here awhile you know I subscribe to this. There is something about being willing to start from the bottom in a safe environment that builds your courage and confidence. It doesn’t need to be a big commitment either. The other day I took a juicing class at a local Williams and Sonoma and I learned, laughed, and made new friends. If you have an interest in something, be it big or small, make an effort to learn more about it. Learning helps you grow. 

3.Prune your team– In my book I spent a whole chapter on building your team. I still think this is key. It is so important to have friends or family members who are supportive forces. But this can change over the years too. As you evolve some of your friendships may as well.

Make sure the people on your team are invested in your success and that you are invested in theirs. Sometimes players need to be traded. I know that doesn’t sound nice but it’s true. As Oprah says “some people lose altitude on your climb”. The saying that people meet you where you are is also true and the goal is to grow together, but if you have people in your circle that don’t understand and support your evolution then it’s okay to let them go-or simply move them to the bench.

Benching (or letting go of) things or people that don’t make you feel your best is a hard and brave thing to do but it is essential to your well being. Being intentional about building a supportive and encouraging support team is another way that you can invest in you!

Those are my tips on investing in you for the new year. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and would love to know what kind of self-investments you plan to make this year!

Until Next Post, 

Xo Tonya Parker

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Tonya Parker is a counselor, author and certified life coach who believes in helping women look and feel their best! Ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine and author of Single Mom Chic

6 thoughts on “Investing in You-Three Things You Can Do

  1. This is great information and nice reminders. I love having a daily morning routine that involves a few minutes of meditation and praying and the nightly check-in tip is just perfect.
    Thanks so much for sharing and happy new year.

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  2. I have been sort of frumpy for a minute. Well frumpy stylish leggings and and big tops for the most part. I was once a serious fashionista but I let time and duty rob me of me. Making an effort Tonya thanks for the inspiration.

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    1. So glad to hear that you are making an effort. It can be hard at times and you are definitely in a trying time. I do think that the three things listed here can help us feel our best on the inside which is in my opinion the most important thing….Take care friend!


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