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The Sweetest Reward: My Trip To Mahekal Beach Resort

A little Slice of Heaven If we’re friends on Instagram (I sure hope we are) you know that I spent spring break in paradise. Well, it was really a resort in Mexico but it might as well have been a little slice of heaven. I’ve been to the Caribbean a few times and I know

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10 Must Haves for Summer Vacation

10 Must Haves for Summer Vacation In my previous post I talked a lot about how to pack but I didn’t share exactly what to take along. That varies of course by location and personal style, but I did want to give you a few travel fashion hacks by sharing my 10 Must haves for

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How Single Mom Chic Preps for Overnight Guests in 7 Simple Steps

This week as I spent the morning prepping for some family who were coming for a long weekend visit, it dawned on me that it might be interesting to write a post about it. I’m always curious about the thought that goes into how other people prepare for certain events and I know many of my readers are

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