My Top Fashion and Beauty Travel Essentials


I’m headed to the Caribbean to celebrate my 46th birthday and I definitely have packing and vacation vibes on the brain. So while I’m thinking about my travel essentials I though I’d share those thoughts with all of you.

Now I’ve shared with you all before that I’m a horrible packer. I’m not being self-deprecating or humble, I really am. I usually over or under pack and the second part usually puts me in awkward situations where I’m wearing gym clothes as pajamas- causing my husband to ask why I’m wearing a track suit to bed or grabbing for a swimsuit bottom to substitute… well you know. But hold on there’s more…

My saving grace is that I do typically get my beauty and accessory essentials right-unless you count that one time I went to fashion week and forgot my versatile cute clutch for the evenings out, but I digress, usually I’m on point. I’ve been on three trips in two weeks and here are things that worked whether I was in Idaho or headed to a sandy beach.


A packable hat-not only does a hat protect you from the sun’s rays but it immediately perks up your look. I love one that’s versatile enough to wear with everything from sundresses and heels to denim shorts and tees. I always take one that’s packable, so you can not only put it in your suitcase but you can keep it handy in your purse too and pull it out when needed. It pops back into shape perfectly.


Funky sunglasses- Sunglasses, like hats, serve double duty as equal parts sun protection and chic. I love to throw a couple of chic but fun pairs into my travel bag. Not only do these say I’m here for a good time, but they won’t break the bank or your heart if you happen to leave them behind at a winery like I did with a pair in Boise.


A cute clutch-I got so many compliments on my beaded clutch from Chico’s and it literally goes with everything. I love that it’s lightweight and has a strap which makes for easy travel. It’s also big enough to hold essentials like  your phone (I carry my IPhone  XR, lipgloss, credit card and room key).

29F3EC85-DE98-4813-B0F6-DAC284A7F1C8Afterglow lip balm-this Nars Lip Balm is delivers just a hint of a peachy-pink nude color (the iconic Orgasm shade) that looks good on all skin tones, and it leaves your lips hydrated. It’s also long lasting and much chicer to pull from your bag than chapstick.


Drunk Elephants Sunshine Drops-these drunk elephant drops are so amazing. They give your skin an instant glow so that you can go sans foundation. They even have protective  antioxidants and fatty acids. Your skin will thank you!


Supergoop sunscreen-I don’t ever leave home without sunscreen (I literally break out in hives if I’m exposed to the sun for too long and not wearing anyway) so I’m a bit of an expert. This one by Supergoop is one of my favorites. It’s a little pricey but I love that it has vitamin C and antioxidants and it doesn’t turn darker skin grey.


A bold lip-the easiest way to turn a no makeup look glam is to add a bold lip. This is the perfect fancy dinner companion. Just apply and go! You won’t need much else. 

So those are my beauty and accessory essentials you can shop them all here. I’d love to hear about your must haves for travel.

Until Next Post,

xo Tonya Parker

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Tonya Parker is a counselor, author and certified life coach who believes in helping women look and feel their best! Ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine and author of Single Mom Chic

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