How to Edit Your Closet in 3 Easy Steps


I’ve talked about how I edit my closet on the blog before, but after we moved I found it hard to get reorganized again. My new closet was much smaller than the very large walk-in I comfortably shared with my husband at our last house. The new one is very cute with nice shelving which displays my clutches and shoes beautifully, and it’s all mine. But it’s painfully small, and to be honest, my capsule wardrobe was no longer a neat little capsule. As my gifted product and brand collaborations started to grow things got a little out of control.

And with a smaller space and more items, I started to have the dreaded “so many things but nothing to wear” problem when getting ready for work. So, I knew it was time for me to take my own advice and edit down my wardrobe. If you are looking to do the same here are my tips:

When doing a closet edit the first thing to do is figure out what your personal style is-this can change and evolve as we get older or as we have lifestyle changes like going from a 9-5 to working from home, returning to work as your kids get older, or even when retiring. You don’t have to come up with a name for your style or peruse Pinterest- though I personally like those things.  The real way to determine your personal style is to look at what you actually wear in your closet. Do you gravitate to a more relaxed look, love structured dresses, or are long and flowy maxi’s more your go-to. It can be a combination of many things but there is bound to be a look or style that you consistently reach for. My personal style translates to classic, effortless and structured, so for me, that means I tend to wear a lot of sheath or wrap dresses, jumpsuits, and fitted denim. Find your style by evaluating what you do wear so that you can keep these winning pieces in rotation.

Once you have figured out your look it is time to get rid of what you don’t wear. I personally have things in my closet that are beautiful but not really my go-to style and they really don’t get any wear. They’re just taking up space and making it harder for me to get dressed every day. Here are three ways to help you let go of the things you aren’t actually wearing.

Store it-if it’s important to you and has some sort of sentiment attached to it like your favorite concert tee (that you never wear) or a vintage sweater that your grandmother gifted you that you couldn’t bear to part with (but that you aren’t currently reaching for) you don’t have to get rid of it. Don’t laugh, but I kept my high school cheerleading outfit for years! I will admit that I too find that a little odd now but it was something that I loved having around at the time.  It’s okay to hold onto to some things and re-evaluate at a later date, but remember that this shouldn’t be everything. Really stick with things that have some sort of sentimental value.

Sell it– Apps like Poshmark, Threadup and Tradsey are great for letting things go that are in good or even new condition (I see those tags hanging from those clothes in the back of your closet). These are items that would still have a monetary value.  It’s a win-win for you and the buyer. You make a little money and the buyer gets an opportunity to purchase your quality items for less. These apps are very easy to use and give you a lot more control than a traditional consignment store.

Donate it-If you aren’t into selling, or your item is a little more loved than what you would put up for sale, then donating is a great option. Not only is it tax deductible but many donation organizations provide assistance or monetary support to disadvantaged populations like families in crisis. So you’re not just cleaning out your stuff, you’re actually engaging in a bit of a philanthropic effort as well.

Lastly, fill in the holes-Once you have edited your wardrobe decide what (if anything) you might need to pull it all together. For me, this is usually a basic wardrobe item like a couple of new white tees or an accessory like jewelry, sunglasses or hats. Come up with a list and make sure that any future shopping endeavors include something from that list. And make sure that any new purchases either support what you already have or fit the aesthetic of your newly edited style.

So, those are my tips for editing your closet. I’m in the process of doing mine right now. I’d love to hear your tips or see any before and after pictures that you have to share.



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xo Tonya Parker

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Tonya Parker is a counselor, author and certified life coach who believes in helping women look and feel their best! Ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine and author of Single Mom Chic

12 thoughts on “How to Edit Your Closet in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Hi there friend! Thanks for sharing these helpful tips. I love that you kept your high school cheerleader uniform 🤗🤗. I recently moved and my new closet is significantly smaller that my last one. My situation was just like yours. I had a huge walkin closet and now I don’t. So, your tips are very helpful. Thank you lovely 🌻

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      1. Thanks for the tips. As I begin to reorganize and move “again”, it’s hard to determine what to keep and what to toss (or give away). I like the idea or storing or placing items that I haven’t worn lately in another place. Our styles do change and although it may still look fresh, it may not be something that I will actually wear-I’m finding that is occurring quite often as I ramble through the racks to look for something to wear each day. I also like the idea of filling in the holes to coordinate with things that I already have. My weight has been a yo-yo for years, and I’m finding that I can fit some items that I held on to, but I need new tops to coordinate with a few skirts or slacks. The items that no longer look flattering, I do need to give away. Defining my style has been a focus with my shopping…I try not to buy it if I don’t love it! …it can still be challenging though to differentiate between my work and personal/casual style.

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      2. You are welcome! Thank you for reading and commenting. It really can be a challenge but it sounds like you’re on the right path. Try the storage tip and let me know how your editing journey works out!


  2. I have come to appreciate the minimalist journey. My capsule got out of control when I became an empty nester. I wasn’t wearing over 50% of the clothes in my closet so I purged 70%. It’s been freeing, my closet looks like a boutique now timeless with a few fun pieces. Thanks for sharing your journey…

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  3. Oh my goodness Tonya, I SO need to go through my closet again. I have so much that I hold on to like a pack rat. I need to just let go of so much. I’m going to commit to it right here and now to tackle my “closet issue” in the next few weeks. Thanks for the tips!

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