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5 Steps to Find the One

5 Steps to Find The One Now that the Christmas season is over, stores are already filling their shelves with pink gifts, chocolates, and hearts. Valentines day is right around the corner which gets many of us thinking about our relationships. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to continue to foster a strong marriage,

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How to be Single-On Valentine’s day

As Valentine’s day approaches I can’t help but think about my single days and how much I dreaded this holiday. I know so many people who discount it as a Hallmark holiday and don’t give it much credence whether they are married or not, but I remember feeling very perplexed about it during my single mom

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Single Mom Chic Answers Her Readers Questions about Health, Wardrobe and Dating…Oh My

I absolutely love interacting with those who follow Single Mom Chic on Instagram and Facebook . Here are a few question’s I’ve received about my single mom journey: What do you think makes you different from other single mom bloggers/writers when it comes to life advice? I wouldn’t say i’m necessarily different. I think we all share

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