My Year of Go!



Last year I wrote about my Year of No. I talked about the time in my life where as a single mother, graduate student and social butterfly I was having a tough time balancing it all. I put the breaks on and slowed down my schedule so that FOMO (fear of missing out) wasn’t directing my steps. It was good for me at that time. This year however has been quite the opposite. This has been my year of Go!

This summer was the busiest one I have ever had! I visited the space needle in Seattle, the famous Pike Place Fish Market, glaciers and rainforests in Alaska, The famous Hotel Del in Coronado, Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, Disneyland, The O Mag offices at Hearst Magazine In NYC, and I’m not done yet. I’m currently making my what to pack list for a trip next month (more to come on that!) and I’m dreaming of a beach vacation with a margarita in my hand and sand under my feet!

Some of you might know that a few months back I experienced a loss and my first instinct was to retreat, but I had already committed to making this my year of adventure and the universe keeps whispering “don’t stop- get it get it.” Just kidding… but it did keep directing me to the next cool opportunity. My vision board has had an O, The Oprah Magazine clipping with the word GO on a luggage tag and so… I went!

And funny things started happening. Not only was I traveling and enjoying sights, food and all the cultural experiences you gain from new adventures but my life started to GO as well. Suddenly opportunities-some that I had been dreaming about forever and some bigger than anything I had even dared to dream, started coming my way. It made me think of Shonda Rhimes and how saying Yes to everything for a a year changed her life. My saying GO was essentially the same. I was saying yes to opportunities and they started to snowball and curve and become even better than I hoped for. I wasn’t just sight-seeing I was growing both professionally and personally.

Basically any time an opportunity presented itself I thought first of a million reasons I couldn’t GO- was it in budget, could I take time off from work, would my family survive without me? And while these were legitimate questions, the reality was though a little bit of fear set in with each opportunity the answer was always yes! So if you want to make this your year of GO, do it! Push pass the fear, the millions of what ifs and take the leap. Not only will you GO but I bet you will also grow!

I’d love to hear where you are hoping to go this year!

Until Next Post,

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#sponsored This beautiful Pintuck Tunic from Amita Athinia is hanging in my closet as a way to visualize that beach vacation I’m hoping for! Definitely tops my What to Pack list for a Warm Weather Winter getaway. I’ll keep you posted. 

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Tonya Parker is a counselor, author and certified life coach who believes in helping women look and feel their best! Ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine and author of Single Mom Chic

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