How to Maintain a Positive Mindset Right Now

I just like many of you have been working from home for the past week. We are certainly experiencing unprecedented times right now and if you’re anything like me your emotions are a little mixed. You might be thankful for the downtime and the ability to spend more time with your families in the comfort of your own home, but you also might be very worried about your own health and the health of those people you are spending time with. And honestly our worries may extend further than that- to our friends and neighbors, those in close proximity and those across the globe. 

Many of us want to stay updated on the latest developments because we believe it is important to be informed but I also believe if we’re watching all that information on a loop it can start to have an effect on our mood and our overall outlook. But whether you are prone to anxiety, feeling situational anxiety right now, or you just seem to have moments where you start to spiral a bit, here are a few things you can do each day to try to maintain a positive outlook:

Get Dressed Everyday– I know that pajamas all day are a thing. I get it and that might even be okay for a day or two. And while I do believe in comfort, there is something to be said for maintaining good hygiene and putting together a look. If you read my book you know my story of my mom coming down in full hair and makeup during a hurricane. A confused me asked where she was going and she replied “you never know who might knock on your door….” And while that’s a bit much for me, I do think that throwing on some nice yoga pants, leggings or a comfy pair of jeans and actually wearing a top that doesn’t look like you dug it out of a hamper will make you feel a little better. I actually like going makeup free, but a little lip balm doesn’t hurt either. When you look good you often feel good. But keep it comfortable too. 

Make something– Before I even start on this I want to be clear that I am not a super creative person. I even fail at those paint and sip events (well I am good at the sipping part) but when I say fail I don’t mean that the product isn’t good, though I did once turn a bear into a pig…but I digress. What I mean is I don’t enjoy doing it. I also don’t really bake and while I do cook I am not sure that I love it as an art form. I am just someone who likes to eat, therefore I cook. I do love to write though, it’s my art and I am willing to bet there is something that you are passionate about doing too. Keep in mind that it’s not about perfection it’s about doing something or trying something that you enjoy. I also think it’s wonderful that so many of us enjoy different things. I love watching my friends create delicious looking baked goods, whipping up tasty meals, hammering out jewelry and I even have a few seamstresses creating new looks in my mix. So make something during this down time and once you’re finished creating your art look for ways to support your creative friends too. 

Take it outside– I know many of us can’t get out the way that we are used to but if you can walk your dog while maintaining social distance (no stopping to pet the neighbor’s dog), eat your lunch in your yard or sit on a balcony with a book, do so. Staying home doesn’t mean you can’t seize small opportunities to get a little sun, wind or even rain on your face. I personally just ran my first run of the year outside. I’ve been prepping for an 8k that I’ve run many times in the past but I always start ny training on a treadmill. I hadn’t taken it outside yet and of course the aforementioned race was cancelled along with all other large events, but I got out there anyway and took my run to the streets. This week I’ve also gone on a hike, walked up and down some hills and had a picnic lunch. Since I am not going out socially, it’s been fun to mix it up and expand past walking my dog to enjoying some other regularly done indoor tasks outside too.  

And finally…laugh. I know that what we are dealing with is serious but that doesn’t mean we have to maintain a serious demeanor 24/7. Play a silly game, watch a comedy show, create or watch one of those dance videos on TikTok. Whatever brings you a laugh, do that. My daughters and I exchange funny memes and my husband and I watched a movie that left us both in fits of laughter. Afterward he thanked me for making him watch it. And he said “I forgot all about the Coronavirus for a couple of hours!” Of course he went back to watching the news, as he has to stay current for his line of work, but it was a good reprieve. Find small ways to infuse a little laughter into your day. 

So those are my tips for maintaining a positive mindset. I would love to hear what you are doing to keep yourself positively motivated right now too! 

Until Next Post, 

xo Tonya Parker


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Tonya Parker is a counselor, author and certified life coach who believes in helping women look and feel their best! Ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine and author of Single Mom Chic

5 thoughts on “How to Maintain a Positive Mindset Right Now

  1. Thanks for sharing and reminding us that life is changing and there is comfort in knowing that change can be fun and healthy.


  2. Yes to all of this I worked home 70% of my time before the shut down but I found myself slacking on my physical mindset. Thank you for the reminder I am wearing my hair natural now and it’s a chalkboard journey but I am making the effort to untwist my hair, dress comfortably and not in my PJ’s and face video conferencing like a boss!


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