How To Dress Your Truth With Carol Tuttle


If you have been following along you know one of my favorite things to do is share tips on creating a wardrobe that makes getting dressed not only easier but actually enjoyable. I’ve mentioned both in my book and on the blog that I believe that when we have overstuffed closets it actually makes getting dressed so much more challenging. 

My mantra has been that having more doesn’t lead to having a better sense of style, but knowing what looks good on you and having a closet that reflects that is the key to always looking your best. But the first step in that is knowing what your style is. Knowing what to purchase (or keep) and what to let go of, so that instead of a closet full of clothes you have a working wardrobe, which means that you have a closet full of clothes that actually look good on you. 

I can’t tell you how often I have wished that I had a tool to help people determine what their true style was. So imagine my surprise when I was approached about a collaboration with Carol Tuttle, a woman who had done just that with her Dressing Your Truth Beginners Guide. 

Before committing I took a look at the program and I was truly excited about what I found. I immediately dived in, excited to find my type. I’ve been intrigued by personality assessments since graduate school and this one is filled with videos and a chart that helps you discover your True Beauty Type and it’s about so much more than just clothes. The video begins with the characteristics of the 4 different Beauty Types and then goes more in depth with clothing, makeup and hairstyle tips for each of the types too. I love that each beauty type is not only based on physical characteristics but personality traits too.

I immediately saw myself reflected in so many of the Type 1 traits. Here are just a few traits that stood out:

  • Natural Gift- Ideas
  • Priority- Happiness
  • Described as- Optimistic
  • Prone to- taking on too much
  • Facial Feature- Apple Cheeks
  • Uses lots of exclamations and emoticons. 


I have to tell you I laughed when I heard the part about exclamation points. I remember when I was in graduate school my daughter who was in high school at the time read one of my papers and said “Mom you use WAY too many exclamation points.” I still do and she’s an adult now with her own family and I’m sure she still feels the same way about me. 

While watching the videos I also realized that she’s a type 2 (relaxed and subtle). She watched the videos and read the chart and confirmed my suspicions. We both love the Dressing Your Truth Beginners Guide and to be honest we’re a little envious that we didn’t think of it ourselves. 

Here’s what I love most about the Dressing Your Truth Beginners Guide:

  1. It’s free– you can create an account here. It’s super easy and you gain access to the videos (and the chart) right away. 
  2. Its comprehensive- often personality assessments skim the surface but with the Dressing Your Truth Guide you can learn as little or as much as you want. It allows you to take a deep dive. And if you are anything like me you have a lot of free time right now (hello social distancing). There are also several free videos available that share how knowing your type will help you look and feel your best. You can even sign up for a monthly membership if you’re like me and want even more. 
  3. It’s so accurate– even my daughter, the one who hates exclamation points and always thinks something can be done better, loved it and she said that she felt it was one of the most precise assessments she’d seen. She didn’t end her text with an exclamation point… but I felt it. 
  4. It doesn’t just tell, it shows– there is even a capsule wardrobe tutorial that helps you put together looks just for you. 


You can check out the Dressing Your Truth Beginners guide here and make sure you circle back and let me know your thoughts. I’d love to hear what type you are too!

Until Next Post,

Xo Tonya Parker

*As noted above this is a sponsored post but as always all opinions are my own

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Tonya Parker is a counselor, author and certified life coach who believes in helping women look and feel their best! Ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine and author of Single Mom Chic

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