My Two Minute Zoom Makeup Routine

About a month ago I saw lots of people posting a meme claiming that we were really about to see how many of those work meetings
could have been emails. I have to admit I laughed a little at that too. But it wasn’t long before those emails quickly morphed into virtual meetings via Zoom and other online platforms. And to be honest after several weeks of working from home I was pretty happy to see all of my co-workers’ faces pop up on my screen. 

Before COVID-19 rocked our worlds I hadn’t done a work meeting through zoom or any other platform from home. I have however facetimed with family and friends of course but it has always been pretty informal. I wasn’t really sure how to show up. 

I think we all know by now one point that the media has been driving home about video conferencing. Apparently pants are optional! Even my husband has had pretty formal meetings with some of our community leaders, while wearing conservative polo’s or starched white shirts on top and PJ pants on the bottom. Many of our favorite news anchors have happily shared their mismatched stay at home work look. But I am typically dressed for the day anyway (chic but comfy) so I didn’t have to worry about that part. 

But what about my face? I’m going to be honest. I have loved going pretty close to makeup free for the past few weeks, but I will admit that I prefer a more polished (not glam, but polished)  look for work. So with this being a work meeting I wanted to look like I had actually prepared to be there and not just rolled out of bed. Now as a disclaimer I do want to say that no one needs to feel pressured to wear makeup for a Zoom meeting or any other event for that matter. 

Right now I think it’s so important that we all listen to our bodies and our hearts and do what we need to do in order to support our mental and physical health. What listening to my head and heart looks like actually changes from day to day for me, and it’s perfectly fine if that’s true for you too. But what I would like to do right now is share this 2 min routine that helps me look polished and ready for my meetings in case you’d like to try it too. 

My Two Minute Routine

Tinted sunscreen or moisturizer– I wear sunscreen all the time. I take walks every day and I am obsessed with this one by Elta MD. It does not give you the kind of coverage that a light foundation might (BB and CC creams are good for that) but it goes on without a white cast and does give you just a tiny glow. It has antioxidant protection, goes on silky, and leaves no residue. It’s also fragrance, parabin, and sensitivity free too and even though you shouldn’t right now… after application you could touch your face and you’d feel nothing. Although we certainly aren’t doing that right? Don’t touch your face…

Concealer– optional of course,  but most of us have one of these in our makeup bags. I just dab this onto any spots where there might be discoloration or my under eye area- if I have binged too much Netflix (or insert any other fav app) the night before. I love fenty for their shade inclusivity and the Match Stixs are so easy to use. I use the shade Suede (find it here) but there are so many colors to choose from and they’re all matte and light as air. It’s also like having nothing on your face but for many of us it looks just a little better. 

Eyebrow Gel– I swipe one coat of this Brow Set from MAC across my brows. I don’t worry about penciling in a perfect brow. That is certainly more glam for me but a quick swipe just adds a hint of shine and makes your brows look more tamed and your face a little more framed. 

Mascara– this one from Two Faced only needs one coat; any more and you’ll look like you’re ready for a night on the town. I love it because it’s fast- a wiggle up your lashes and you’re done. The wand is crazy… it thickens, curls and lengthens. Be gentle though! Again you have been forewarned that you will look like a very famous television evangelist from the 90’s if you are too heavy handed. I like this one because it lasts 24 hours (though I never wear it that long of course) but if I’m hiking or biking or even working out after my meeting it stays put. 

Matte Lip Pigment in an almost nude shade– I love this Power Matte Lip Pigment by Nars. Most Mattes are too drying for me but this one is perfect. You swipe it and forget it. It is lightweight, dries quickly, doesn’t come off on coffee cups or water bottles, looks natural, and lasts all day for what is described as carefree wear.  

I actually timed myself doing this routine and it took exactly 1 min and 26 seconds but I’m rounding up to 2 just to be generous. And the best part is after your virtual meeting you can just go on about your day. No need to get unmade as this minimal makeup look looks good whether you’re gardening, dog walking or hanging out on your couch. 

So those are my tips for a quick and easy virtual meeting makeup routine.This look also works as a good stay at home minimal makeup look- no meeting required.  I’d love to hear about your favorite Minimal Makeup look products so feel free to share your favorite products below. 

Until Next Post, 

Xo Tonya Parker


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Tonya Parker is a counselor, author and certified life coach who believes in helping women look and feel their best! Ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine and author of Single Mom Chic

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