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Three Things You Can Do to Open Yourself Up to Life’s Possibilities and Adventures

As someone who lives her life with a lot of structure, being open and spontaneous doesn’t always come easy. I’ve mentioned my schedule, planning  and my obsession for list making in several other posts (you can read the Why My Planner is Life post here) and I write about it in my book as well.

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Am I Really a Fraud? How to Combat Imposter Syndrome in 4 Easy Steps

A few weeks ago I watched an interview with the uber talented actress Viola Davis. She was talking about winning the most coveted award for someone in her field-the Oscar, and while she had just achieved this amazing feat (and had a trail of other accolades as well including Emmy’s and Golden Globes) she mentioned that

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Why My Planner Is Life

The other day my daughter went to one of her favorite stores-Paper Source. Paper Source carries all things paper of course. They have personalized invitations, calendars, books and a cute/cheeky gift section. She mentioned flippantly that they were having a planner sale. “Who carries a paper planner in 2016?” she asked. “I do!” I replied.

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