How to Dress a Petite and/or Curvy Figure in Fall Knits

*The following is a guest blog post by Courtney Imade of Living the M Life.


It’s no secret that fall is my favorite season. When we think of fall, we tend to think of changing leaves, cooling temps, and cozy sweaters. But for a long time I disliked the way I looked in fall sweaters. I would see something that looked so cute on a hanger or a model but then when I put it on my 5’3” curvy frame I would see extra bulk and a shapeless figure staring back at me in the mirror. It took me a long time to realize that dressing for your figure definitely includes knits too. They can be tricky because there is so much extra fabric compared to what we generally wear in spring and summer. The #1 way to create a flattering look is to follow the golden rule- don’t lose your waistline! Here are some tips to help you follow that rule:

Pair shorter length sweaters and higher waists– A bulky sweater that hides your waistline can shorten your torso and create the illusion of a wider waist. People who are tall and thin can usually pull off that silhouette well, but a petite or curvy figure is flattered by placing emphasis on the waistline, not hiding it. Try pairing a shorter length, or cropped sweater with high waist pants or denim. This look emphasizes the waistline to highlight your figure and makes your legs look longer. 

Wear long open front sweaters– A long, open-front cardigan skims the body and makes everything look longer, but still allows for a visible or partially visible waistline. These sweaters are pretty universally flattering. 

Tuck them in– As long as a sweater isn’t too bulky or long, you can tuck it in to your waistline for a chic look. There are a number of “fashion tucks” that models and editors love. You can watch this youtube video for an easy step by step guide to most of the tucks. 

Once you’ve edited your wardrobe down to figure flattering knits there are so many fun styles to experiment with this season. What’s more chic than a turtleneck layered under a long coat? Or a cozy crewneck tucked into your favorite pair of pants? Or wearing your favorite cardigan like a blouse? 

What are your favorite fall knits and what tips do you have for making sweaters look flattering?




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