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It’s all About The Fit Baby

If you have been on social media lately you may have heard of a little controversy going on about #teacherbae. Apparently a teacher’s aide wore a figure hugging dress to school and posted a pic on social media. Bodygate followed as people weighed in on the controversy taking opposing sides. I usually try to steer clear

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My Trunk Club Bounty

  Most of you have heard of subscription boxes by now. So many of them are gaining popularity and they are conveniently delivering everything from makeup samples to dog toys right to your front door. My first experience was with a beauty subscription box- Glossybox. It was 21 bucks a month and they promised that you would receive a full

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How to Create a Uniform and Simplify Your Life In 3 Easy Steps

    Have you ever really stopped to think about the fact that most stylish and successful people have a look that defines them? Think about the super stylish like Anna Wintour or the super successful like the late Steve Jobs and I bet your mind can easily conjure an image of Anna with her

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