The Real Chic Recap

Hi Friends! Popping in for a quick recap. First I have to ask why do short weeks feel so long? If you read last week’s recap you know that I moved last week so my life has mostly consisted of unwrapping things and trying to figure out a place for them in our new home. I am still not done, but despite my unpacking woes I do have a quick and fun recap for you.

Here’s What I did– Shot my IG Pics for my So Slimming Juliet’s pant collaboration with Chico’s– Shooting content is always so much fun. I really need behind the scenes video to show the madness. For everyone who comments about how great my photos are, I’d love to show you my camera roll. There are tons of bloopers there. The key is to just keep shooting. My daughter takes my pics and we typically laugh (and sweat- come on fall temps) more than we shoot. Check out my IG @therealchiclife to see our final shot and learn about why I love those pants so much!

Here’s where I went– Date night with my husband. We do a pretty good job of keeping up with consistent date nights even when things are a little hairy in our worlds. It’s a great way to check in with each other and block out all the work/life stuff. We are selling our other house and that process is always oh so much fun (definite sarcasm here) so we decided that we wanted to do something a little more adventurous for dinner instead of our typical upscale spots. So, we headed to a local bar with great food. I highly recommend this from time to time. It was fun to try to talk over the loud music and keep up with all the happenings in such a youthful fun spot. So, if you’re looking to shake up your dinner routine, ditch the white tablecloth go-to, find the happening bar in your neighborhood and have dinner and drinks there instead. Here’s a list of the Most Fun Bars in Every State!

Here’s what I watched– So many IG stories highlighting New York Fashion Week. @sassyredlipstick, @Tanyafosterblog, @fashionshouldbefun,  and @Iamnikkifree all had great IG stories. It’s fun to watch your friends (and your friends in your head) enjoy fashion week up close and personal. I am definitely attending this spring for all the fall fashion for 2019! Here’s a great highlight of all the spring 2019  Trends debuting at NY Fashion Week Right Now.

Here’s what I read– So now that we are in a new city I’m looking into local farmers markets. I love grabbing fresh finds from local markets but I don’t do it quite enough. I’ve gotten several “word of mouth” recommendations for the best ones near me. If you’re looking to start shopping local this article by Bon Appetit gives you Tips To Shop Farmer’s Markets Like a Pro.

And for all of you that loved Crazy Rich Asians this real-life version of “Crazy Rich Asians” from Harper’s BAZAAR is very interesting!

So, that this week’s recap friends! I would love to hear about what you did or what you loved this week too!


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