5 Things I’m Crushing on For Fall

Here are 5 things I’m Crushing On For Fall

Hi, friends! We still have a few weeks left of summer and if you’ve been following New York Fashion Week you know we are already looking forward to spring, but if you know me you know fall is my favorite. I could rattle off the obvious reasons to love fall like pumpkin this or that, boots, sweaters and autumn festivals, but you already know about those. So, here are a few other things I have on my mind for this fall.

Bohemian looks– and I don’t mean tossing out your wardrobe and going full on Coachella, although that’s a great look too. What I do mean is being able to incorporate breezy carefree looks into your current style to make it look effortless but just a tad more chic. I tend to be a little more classic and have always sworn by effortless chic, but as I work my way towards the other end of 40 I want to be just a tad more adventurous. I have always loved the glamour of the 70’s and love the idea of mixing some of that in with my classic wardrobe. Big sunglasses, boho bags, jumpsuits, ponchos, and embroidered tops? Yes, please! I love the boho-inspired Tapestry Top from Chico’s that I’m wearing in the featured pic above. It’s part of their 35th Anniversary Line. You can shop it here

Burgundy lids and lips– I already talked about L’oreal’s burgundy mascara (in my Real Chic Roundup)…which I really love by the way,  but I also love a burgundy or wine colored lipstick. One of my all-time faves is MAC Rebel-which honestly looks great on any skin complexion. It’s probably more of a deep plum but still works if you want to go a little darker for fall. Another is MAC On The Darkside- which works great as a vampy look on lighter skin or a deep wine look on olive and brown skin. These two are perfect for fall and can I let you in on a secret? They give you a kilowatt smile. You can find them here. Burgundy lips work like instant whitening. I actually think burgundy makes everything look whiter and brighter which might explain why my eyes looked so bright when using the Loreal Volumizing Mascara in deep burgundy. See it here.

Animal Print– The easiest way to elevate a look is with accessories. When I mentioned to my daughter that I wanted to go a little more glam she said you need a faux or vegan fur coat. Let me tell you faux fur is all the rage right now and has come a long way in quality since it first came on the scene. This cropped faux fur coat is definitely on my wish list. Animal print adds a bit of luxury to whatever you wear. This coat would look just as good with jeans and a tee as it would with an LBD. Here

Crystals and Precious Stones– If you are into meditation or manifestation you have probably heard of using crystals to aid in manifestation (bringing your dreams to fruition). Even Solange (Beyonce’s sister) carried a crystal on the Met Gala’s red carpet. My favorite crystal is Citrine for manifestation, imagination and personal will. I just recently learned a little about the benefits of precious stones too. Apparently, Turquoise is good for protection and healing but I also hear that it makes a speaker more eloquent, loving, creative and honest.  Adding these turquoise studs to my accessories list stat! See them here.

As an educator fall also signals the start of a new year so it is the perfect time to re-set intentions and finish out the calendar year strong. So here is the final thing I am loving for fall.

Being a Service to Your Community– and I don’t just mean showing up at a soup kitchen during the holidays. That’s great too but what I am talking about is really taking a cause you are passionate about and putting your own spin on it. I have a few friends that run great nonprofits that speak to their hearts and some that have created passion projects around a cause they care about. This fall My fellow O Mag Insider Amy Boyle of Amy Boyle Photography is debuting a photography project which allows women to share their stories through photographs she takes for them. She describes it as Women Crush Wednesday meets Humans of New York! All proceeds from this endeavor are going to Dress For Success. She’s going to start sharing their stories on her Instagram (@amyboylephoto) and blog starting 9/12. You can find her blog here, I can’t wait to see this project unfold!

I love the idea of really delving into a philanthropic project and putting a little passion behind it. Philanthropy isn’t just for celebrities.  We can all find something to be a part of what benefits the greater good. I’ve run empowering young women groups for years but I will be looking for ways to expand my passion project this fall too.

So that’s my fall crush list. I’d love to hear what you are excited about for fall. Please feel free to leave your thoughts below.

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Tonya Parker is a counselor, author and certified life coach who believes in helping women look and feel their best! Ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine and author of Single Mom Chic

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