The Real Chic Recap

Happy Labor Day friends! I hope you had a great week and you are enjoying the long weekend. Here’s the Real Chic Weekly Recap.

What I did-I’ve finally moved! If you’ve been following my insta stories you know that we’ve been looking for a new house in our new city. My husband loves to fish and wants something on deep water but those properties are moving very quickly. I personally really wanted a taste of city living after living in a fairly rural community for the past three years. I fell quickly for the cutest walkable community with beautiful homes, and restaraunts and retail shops located within the neighborhood. So, we decided that this would be the place until we find our dream home. I’d say that’s a win win! Even if you aren’t moving you might be interested in some quick upgrades. There are a few things you can do to give your home a new feel. Check out some weekend home makeover ideas here!


And… I went back to work part-time- you may already know from my post about the secret I learned in Florida (you can read it here) that I’m ready to take my blogging seriously (as in, make it my job) but I also really love school counseling so I decided to transition slowly and work part-time this year and increase my blogging and empowerment coaching business. I’m hoping to go full on soon.

Where I went– Zendaya Yoga Studio-after that great yoga on the beach experience I realized that I wanted to improve my practice. I’m working on commitments this year and this is one of them. Luckily for me there’s the cutest little yoga studio in my neighborhood. They even offer free community classes and barre which I’ve been dying to try. If you’re not into yoga yet, keep in mind it’s something you can start at any age!  Also, if you’re in the mindset that it’s boring or you don’t see results, here’s a great article about what makes yoga badass! Read it here


What I watched-Crazy Rich Asians-if you haven’t seen this please RUN to your nearest theater! The all Asian cast was fantastic! It was hysterically funny and the fashion is to die for! If you think you have in-law drama you haven’t seen anything yet. Check the trailer out here

What I read-I just joined a new online book club created by my friend Liz Montgomery. Our first book in Lit With Lizzy is This is how I save my life. It’s the true story of a woman who takes an incredible journey to India in search of a life saving treatment for late stage Lyme Disease. Her motto of “when life kicks your ass, kick back” sounds like a motto we should all adopt! I’m just starting this one but I’ll review it in more detail for you later.


What I tried-burgundy mascara-I received a L’Oréal collaboration gift (#sponsored) from O, The Oprah Magazine as an O Mag Insider and was pleasantly surprised by how much I love it! I really think it enhances brown or hazel eyes! It’s also more forgiving than black which makes it a great over 40 beauty staple. Here’s a great article on how to work this look four different ways. See it here


That’s my weekly recap friends! I’m working on my Fall Crush list but I’d love to hear about your week too!

Until Next Post,


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Tonya Parker is a counselor, author and certified life coach who believes in helping women look and feel their best! Ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine and author of Single Mom Chic

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