The Real Chic Recap

Let’s Recap the Week

Hi friends! So, this week I wasn’t photographing dolphins on a sunset cruise around Sanibel Island but I did have some pretty cool experiences that you might be interested in too.

Where I went

First up I went to National Harbor in Maryland, right outside of the DC limits to meet up with Allison Gary, my amazing new friend and fellow blogger from Wardrobe Oxygen. She’s been one of those friends in my head for a while now but she’s even better in real life. She’s so down to earth, funny and inspiring and her blog is fashion inspo goals.


We went to a beautiful Italian restaurant called Bond45. It is one of those places where the food is delicious, the view is spectacular and the interior design is gorgeous. It’s definitely on my list as a must revisit! Oh, and I had the Kale, Spinach salad which was delicious, but I was starving by the time I got home. Definitely pasta next time.


Next, I went to DC to meet up with a couple of my beautiful and talented O Mag Insider friends Nia from Mocha Mommy In the City and Tasha from One Big Happy Life for the Dream Village Tour.


I have to thank O, The Oprah Magazine for getting us into this sold out event. It was amazing! Such a powerful event for the community and we heard from some really big names in the inspiration game, including Luvvie. I loved her Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable Ted Talk! So it was great to see her and others in person. I also met the cutest vendors ever. Heres a photo of their business cards and the candles they were selling at the event. I need to step my game up.


What I saw

Okay, this should actually be titled what I didn’t see. I read Crazy Rich Asians for the first time in 2013 at my older daughter’s recommendation (she always knows the good stuff) and I loved it. So when I heard it was coming to theaters I couldn’t wait. The excitement around an all Asian cast has been explosive and I just knew I would be one of the first in line opening night but I just couldn’t make it work this week so… my younger daughter suggested we watch To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before on Netflix and I agreed to watch out of obligation not desire, but it was much cuter than I imagined! It’s actually a great little romantic movie about the complexities of dating as a teen in current society. I love the diversity in it and the main character couldn’t be more loveable. Everyone is talking about it and I believe it’s going to to be right up there with Sixteen Candles as a coming of age story. If you have a teen or tween in your life watch it!

What I read

No books on the nightstand this week but I did read two great magazine articles. Anytime Beyonce is on a cover of anything I am sold (Hi there Sept VOGUE) and same for any cover featuring a woman over 40 so I had to pick up the September Issue of Instyle with Jennifer Anniston on it too. Both articles were great!

What I realized


A year ago I found out that Chico’s had a blog. I read everything up there and said to myself “Someday I would love to be on their blog.” I had actually forgotten about that wish until this happened- A 35th Birthday To Remember It’s so amazing how when you put your dreams and wishes out there the Universe listens and delivers. So right now I am just putting it out there… I would love a hug from Oprah! Wink wink…

Speaking of Oprah. This Ellen, Oprah and Tiffany Haddish video is the cutest thing!

And, the best part of the week…



Spending time with my grandsons

I’d love to hear about how your week went too!

Until Next Post,

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Tonya Parker is a counselor, author and certified life coach who believes in helping women look and feel their best! Ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine and author of Single Mom Chic

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