Forever Fierce Day


What Does Being Fierce (at Midlife) Mean To You?

I was recently asked “What does it mean to be fierce at midlife?”by my new friend Catherine Graceo who founded the Forever Fierce Movement for women in midlife. I loved being challenged to answer this question because I’ve always believed that fierce is a state of mind but the forever part has certainly been a thought more at the forefront of my mind as I settle into my forties. I was always one of those young people who couldn’t wait to hit the next milestone. I was 12 longing to be 16, 16 waiting to enter adulthood at 18,  18 dreaming of being legal at 21, but 40… well that was my favorite! I know that sounds odd but I saw 40 as being fabuous long before it was coined as such.

 Fabulous and Free

To me 40 meant you were confident and free from some of the challenges of youth. 40 was grown…It meant you’d made it! Forty equaled success in my mind.The funny thing was I never thought of anything past that. It was a milestone but also a stopping point. Once I was 40 I would have achieved something, but then what? Surely I didn’t think that was it? If 40 was midlife what was I going to do with my next 40 years? I hadn’t given much thought to that..

Forty is the New… Forty

Now, as I settle into my mid-forties one thing I can say is I am finally able to embrace where I am. I am not looking to the next birthday to define me. Now my focus is on growing and learning without an end in mind. So for me being Fierce now means embracing where I am! It means experiencing joy in the present while always being open to learning, growing and expanding. Being forever fierce means not reaching a certain milestone or stopping point for me but rather knowing that there is no stopping me!

I’d love to hear what Fierce means to you no matter where you are in your journey! Let me know in the comment section below.

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Tonya Parker is a counselor, author and certified life coach who believes in helping women look and feel their best! Ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine and author of Single Mom Chic

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