The Best Skin Creams for Those Who Want to Look 15 at 50

The Best Skin Creams

The other day a friend’s daughter posted on FB about wanting to find the best night cream. She’s a beautiful young lady in her twenties. I can’t even remember when I started thinking about face creams, but it was probably about…6 months ago. I certainly hadn’t given it much thought in my twenties. Having oily skin meant that wrinkles hadn’t been much of a concern, but I did recently start looking at the skin on my neck and thinking maybe I need to start showing it a little love.

Looking 15 at 50

When I reached out to said friend’s daughter to share a face cream that I had recently started using I let her know that it was good but VERY costly (I had received it as a gift). “I don’t care what it costs she said. I want to look 15 at 50.” Her enthusiasm for taking care of her skin and her proactive measures inspired me. I’m already pushing 50 (well I will be 45 this summer)  so looking 15 isn’t going to happen to me because as usual, I was late to the good skin party (you can read my How To Get Good Skin post here where I talk about finally realizing I needed a routine) but… I was inspired to find a skin cream that didn’t cost a million dollars so that I would be more inclined to continue with it. Here are a few that I am trying right now. I actually started out with 6 but quickly marked three off the list.

Creams that made the cut and Oil Oil Baby

Sunday Riley Luna Sleep Oil (A+) appropriate for all skin types-If you would have told me I would ever put oil on my already oily skin I would have told you that there wasn’t a chance of me doing anything that silly, but here I am slathering oil onto my skin that I have a love-hate relationship with and you know what? I couldn’t be more pleased! These Sunday Riley Oils leave my skin feeling amazingly soft and I’ve noticed less oil throughout the day. I honestly don’t think my skin has looked better. Not sure how this works so well but it does have retinol oil to boost skin plumpness and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.


I also tried the U.F.O Oil for Acne prone skin and my blemishes cleared up almost overnight.


Tatcha Water Creme (B)I loved how this cream smells and how it felt on my skin. I do think that I noticed a difference while using it but I did get a few breakouts. I was also using the cleanser which I think may have irritated my skin a little. I am still using this on my neck and decolletage as I think it’s a light non-oily addition to my skincare routine. It starts out cream like and then melts like water. Magic!


Sunday Riley Good Genes (NR)-Okay, apparently this stuff has a cult following. Everyone I know says they love it. It’s a lactic acid treatment that works well for all skin types. It is said to clear skin and produce natural collagen.  Not sure I have been using it long enough to see major results but I am hopeful. I have noticed some minor improvements while combining it with my other skin care products. I am going to stick with it and update my rating later.


Another cream that everyone keeps talking about but I have yet to try is the Award Winning Sukari Baby Facial By Drunk Elephant.


I’d love to hear about what skin creams or oils you love.


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Tonya Parker is a counselor, author and certified life coach who believes in helping women look and feel their best! Ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine and author of Single Mom Chic

6 thoughts on “The Best Skin Creams for Those Who Want to Look 15 at 50

    1. Right?! I feel that way about so many things. 🙂 I would say that I have bought cheaper products and they end up just cluttering up my drawers. So, I do love it when I find something that actually works for me.


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  1. I am thrilled to have read about the Natura Siberica range in a BBC article. The products are organic and cruelty free. I am using the Snow Cladonia Night Cream and it has a delicate smell and lovely light texture. Reasonably priced too.


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