An Honest Review of Body Firm’s Spot Fade Body Brightening Pads and Dark Spot Correcting Serum



*This is a sponsored post but as usual all opinions are my own.

Today I’m excited to share a review of the Body Firm’s Spot Fade Body Brightening Pads and Dark Spot Correcting Serum.

When I first learned about the new Body Firm Spot Fade being launched I was pretty intrigued. These new products are designed to visibly minimize dark spots, dullness, and uneven pigment. I think most of you reading this are familiar with dark spots and hyperpigmentation, but did you know that these darker areas can show up on our faces and bodies due to sun exposure, hormonal influences, and age?

I was excited to finally try a product specifically formulated for areas of discoloration and pigmentation on the body. I’ve been a fan of the brand’s Crepe Erase products for a while so I already knew about the quality and efficacy of the line.

Moment of truth here, while I consider myself a pretty confident person, some of my areas of hyperpigmentation are a cause of concern for me. I have an area on my upper thigh that is the size of a fifty-cent piece. But honestly, I have had that one so long and the shape and placement look like a birthmark so that one isn’t my biggest concern (though I am going to try using it there as well) but I do have a couple of more recent places of pigmentation on my left arm, that sometimes cause a little concern because I often work in a visual environment.

Now let me say, they’re small and you might not even notice if I didn’t point them out. But, I do point them out. Once on set for a commercial I was in (where I had to hold up a product close to the camera) the makeup artist asked “Any tattoos we need to cover?” and I offered up “what about these marks on my arm? I can cover them.” She replied with a slow shrug, suggesting that she was doing it more for my satisfaction than theirs. And even though I know no one cares about those dark spots on my arm but me, I still let her cover them, and I felt a bit of relief. It sounds a little silly now, but if you’re reading this you probably understand that when it comes to our own bodies we notice our skin discoloration whether anyone else does or not. In fact, 72% of women are bothered by skin discoloration. So all that to say I was excited to give this a try. I love when a brand is proactive enough to tackle an issue that affects so many women.

I tried the two Spot Fade products for three weeks. The first one I used was the Body Brightening Pads, which are designed to sweep away dead skin cells. It’s a large pad with an opening to place your fingers, which I found pretty convenient. The pad is infused with a leave-on treatment with a potent trio of glycolic, lactic and citric acids. I rubbed it in using slow circles (as advised). It was visibly saturated, which I liked because there was no question about what I was actually doing with those circles. It was cool to the touch but did not tingle at the spot after applying beyond the slight tingle right after application. If you’re not sure what I mean by that I’d say for me it had a bit of a Witch Hazel feel. After using the pad I had no adverse reaction. I used these 2 times a week at night.

I followed with the Dark Spot Correcting Serum that is designed to visibly minimize dark spots, dullness, and uneven skin tones. The top has a pump on the tube that I immediately became a fan of. It completely controlled the expression of the serum. One press delivered just enough to cover the area. It had a darker color with light-reflecting minerals, which provided a slight glow that reminded me of a tinted moisturizer. I liked that too. Eventually, I moved this product to daytime use as well and it has become a part of my daily routine.

After using Spot Fade Body Brightening Pads and Dark Spot Correcting Serum I can say that I have seen an improvement in the color of the two marks I have been treating on my arm. I’m really looking forward to seeing what a few months of consistent use will do!

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Xo Tonya Parker

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Tonya Parker is a counselor, author and certified life coach who believes in helping women look and feel their best! Ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine and author of Single Mom Chic

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