How to Build a Loungewear Capsule Wardrobe 

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*This is a Guest Post by Courtney Imade of Living the M Life

Happy August! Although we typically think of August as the last (and hottest) month of the summer, it also has a reputation for being the start of the fall shopping season. I’m currently a stay at home mom of two and in the third trimester of my third pregnancy. So my goals for the fall are to be comfy and cozy while looking put together, and I hope to accomplish this with a loungewear capsule wardrobe. Chic loungewear isn’t just for stay at home Moms though. If you work from home, or simply want to be comfortable without being frumpy after work and on the weekends, a loungewear capsule is for you too.

If you’re unfamiliar with capsule wardrobes check out this post by the Real Chic Life. She gives a great overview. Generally to create a capsule wardrobe you start with a base of 8-12 essential pieces that can be mixed and matched. It helps to stick to a neutral color palette for loungewear. Then you add on accessories and outerwear to switch things up. Here are my essential pieces for a loungewear capsule wardrobe, click the links to shop an example of each.

The Essentials

After you have your essential pieces down it’s important to add on stylish shoes/accessories to switch things up if you’re leaving the house in loungewear.

And outerwear is one of the most important elements of a stylish fall wardrobe. Choose jackets/coats that complement your style and make a statement on top of your loungewear when you leave the house to run errands. Here are a few of my favorites that work with a variety of looks:

Those are the ingredients for my fall loungewear capsule wardrobe. Are you a fan of loungewear? What fashion pieces and accessories are you planning to add to your wardrobe this fall?

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