5 Things I’m Crushing on This Spring


Waiting For It…

I have to tell you that I wondered if Spring would ever rear its beautiful head. I sat around waiting like a kid at Christmas. It seemed like a very long winter. Let’s be clear I don’t mind winter. I love the time to slow down and relax a little bit, but to be honest, this winter was busier than usual which meant I was out in the elements more, and not nestled by the fireplace like winters of the past. So, I was ready for the weather to warm up again and keep up with all of my ongoings.

If you read my The Sweetest Reward post you know I had a nice taste of spring on my vacation last month, and it was amazing! But after my spring break escape, we landed back home and there was still snow on the ground in April, so all of those Is Spring Going To Come Through Or Nah memes certainly resonated with me.

Hooray! She Came Through

Just when I had given in to winter’s hold, because there was no need fighting it, Spring pushed through with such a fury she felt more like her sister Summer, but I’m not complaining. I’ll take it. So, before we go full swing into summer I’d like to highlight a few of my Favorite Spring Things.

The Spring Favorites list

Jersey Pants-If you know me you know I’m partial to dresses, but I love a relaxed Jersey pant. Especially when they come in a gorgeous print like these silky soft ankle pants from Chico’s. I’ve added a few to my wardrobe and love the relaxed but still dressy feel that these pants give you. C172BC22-F790-47B8-BF6F-442ABDA1E90E
Mini Backpacks-Spring is a time to pick up the pace for me. Whether it’s a Spring break vacation, a  trip to the park with the family, or just a shopping trip with the girls I feel a certain pep in my step and don’t want anything holding me back. A mini backpack is perfect for the woman on the go. I love that this one from KylaJoy is made of beautiful grosgrain leather and sports a gorgeous gold chain that makes it so easy to go from day to night. If you don’t know this brand you should check it out. I consider the owner a friend of mine and he has the best spirit! These handbags were created with his daughter Kyla in mind and all the joy she has brought to their lives. Their tagline is Live the Life you Love and this couldn’t be a better motto for spring.1955FC81-E570-45E4-9D11-B7E8484D6D03
Colorful Statement Earrings-I have to admit that I have to push myself to wear statement earrings. I love them on everyone else but I’m usually more of a diamond stud kinda girl. Easy and classic is my go to but I also know that a great earring has the power to transform an outfit, so when I want to glam up a look I know that this is the easiest and quickest way to do it. I’m loving the bright colors for spring. If you’ve been following along on Instagram you know I am all about embracing color. Something I haven’t done as much in the past but as my 45th birthday approaches I’ve decided to start Dressing in My Outside Voice (a tagline from The Chico’s How Bold Are You Campaign) and I love it.2CE30D6E-F265-465D-B8E8-F618AF70B245


Rodan and Fields Mineral Peptide Powder– I absolutely love this stuff.  I rarely wear foundation unless I am actually shooting photos or attending some sort of event. In my everyday life, this has me covered. It’s actually a tinted powdered sunscreen, that works for all skin types and even absorbs excess oil. My only complaint is that I wish it came in a larger container.

Janelle Monae’s New Album-On heavy rotation in my office. I am loving the vibe of her new release Dirty Computer. This beauty is so talented and so authentic that she inspires you to lean into the truth of who you really are and be unapologetic in that truth. Her album makes you want to stand up for something… anything actually! It’s a reminder of our collective and individual strength. All that and dope beats? Umm..yes, please.

Janelle Monae Dirty Computer album cover
Janelle Monae Dirty Computer album cover


Wait there’s a bonus…

Say What?

GOATS– And I don’t mean The self-proclaimed Greatest of All Time. I don’t actually mean goats by themselves either. Although they are super cute and I wanted to take these home from our fall festival but, what I am actually referring to is Goga or goat yoga. Now before you start thinking I’ve gone too far left check it out. I haven’t actually done it yet, but I hear it is all the rage. People say it brings them even more calm than a regular yoga class can deliver. Apparently, even those who have depression or are grieving have touted its effectiveness. As a school counselor who has used therapy dogs to assist students in destressing over the past two years, I can tell you that contact with calm loving animals really works. I personally love animals and yoga, so hey, I might have to give it a try. For now, I am just obsessed with all the photos of other people doing it.


Check it out here

I’d love to hear about your spring favorites. Feel free to let me know in the comments below.


Until Next Post,

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