Superheros, Titans and Guardians, Oh my! Three takeaways from Avengers Infinity War

A43373FC-60EC-439A-8F12-5EABD1107859Wait…first let me give thanks

Before I even get started on this spectacular movie I just have to tell you how much I love doing movie reviews of films. As a writer, a movie buff and a HUGE Disney/Marvel Fan this is a dream assignment. I’ve been reading movie reviews for as long as I can remember and I’ve often thought about how amazing it must be to the combine the love of film and writing!

This movie is one of the most anticipated of the year so I had very high expectations and let me tell you, I feel so very fortunate to be able to be the one providing coverage for all of you. Gratitude list checked. Let’s delve in.

The Basics

The film stars Robert Downey Jr. as the sarcastic and tech-savvy Iron Man, Mark Ruffalo as conflicted/ nice guy Bruce Banner (aka The Hulk), Chris Hemsworth stars as The God of beauty… I mean..thunder -Thor, and the rest of the Avengers-including my new personal favorite-Chadwick Boseman who stars as The Black Panther.

The Avengers once again come together and unite to battle an old enemy-Josh Brolin who stars as the evil villain Thanos. Thanos is on a quest to collect 6 powerful Infinity Stones by any mean necessary. Without giving away too much (you won’t find any spoilers here) I will just say that the fate of the Universe rests in the hands of the Avengers and their new comrades-The Guardians of the Galaxy. The film is visually spectacular, hilarious, and nail biting!


Okay, here we go…

Here Are Three Themes I loved In Avengers Infinity War

Collaboration over competition-Put a bunch of superheroes in one film and you’re bound to have some egos the size of small planets, but what I loved about the film was that although there was plenty of good-natured ribbing, the movie was all about powerful forces coming together for the common good. I think that many of us could use this lesson in our workplaces, community organizations, and even some of our relationships. Instead of competing, one-upping and trying to be the hero (no pun intended) those on the bright side once again joined forces in a feat against the dark side.

Sacrifice and heroism-One of the reasons I love superhero movies so much is that they remind me of the good in the world. Though we know that superheroes are fictional characters, we all know those real-life people who are willing to sacrifice for others. Whether we are talking about a good samaritan risking his or her life for a complete stranger, a teacher who consistently goes the extra mile, or a single mom (or dad) working hard to make ends meet, we realize that neighborhood heroes live among us.  The idea of sacrificing for love, the planet, and humanity runs on a loop throughout this film. It’ll make you reflect on what you value and what risks you’d be willing to take for someone or something you care about.

Inclusion (aka”you can sit with us”)-This film was a total mashup of so many of our favorite Marvel characters and I love that the list was so inclusive. It’s evident in this film that Marvel superheroes don’t fit a standard mold. Women, men, teens, robots, and even plants (who doesn’t love Groot?) were all well represented here, and there really were no sidekicks. Everyone was on equal footing and the characters were so diverse that I’m sure you’ll see a little bit of yourself or someone you love in one of them.

Avengers Infinity War opens this Friday at your local theaters (but you already knew that) and I have to tell you; you’ll laugh, cringe and hold onto your seat. And, I’m confident that you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. I had a reader leave a sweet comment on one of my blog posts a few weeks back that said “Your posts always make me feel like I can do anything!” I think that’s what draws me into these films. You always leave feeling a little more like your very own superhero!

I’d love to hear about who your real-life heroes are too! Let me know in the comments below!


Until Next post,

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