I Discovered a Pretty Little Secret

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Pajamas All Day


The other day while looking for a Christmas present for my mother I found a little secret of my own. Let me preface this with a little back story. My mother is obsessed with pajamas. I couldn’t even tell you the number of cute PJ sets, kimonos, robes, slippers, and eye masks she owns. She’s a pretty fabulous lady who always believes in looking her best even if no one (or only one other person) is there to witness the fabulosity. Apparently her mother gave her a lovely PJ set for her birthday every year when she was a young woman and she has just been a PJ person ever since. It makes it easy to shop for her, but somehow the PJ gene skipped me.


Not a shlumpadinka

Now as you know I also believe in always looking your best and I don’t walk around like a shlumpadinka (Oprah vocab for frump) but I am just not quite as coordinated or fabulous. Part of the reason for this might just be because of the secret I am about to reveal. I’ve been shopping in the same lingerie store ironically named after a woman who also has a secret. I’ve been a loyal connoisseur there for more than twenty years but I must say that I am growing weary of the impractical sleepwear, the college themed PJ’s with words on the rear, the giggling young girls and the tutti fruity lip balms.


(Photo Somo.com)

Is 40 the New 30?

When I walked into Soma and let me say… I know lots of my friends (particularly those just a tad older) already shop there but I also know there are lots of perennials just like me who haven’t yet made the switch and I am here to tell you it’s fabulous! I walked into the boutique like store and I was so pleased at how pretty and well displayed everything was. The salesperson was so helpful and there wasn’t a teen in sight. The lingerie, pajamas and robes were cute, sexy yet tasteful and high quality. Perfect for the 40+ is the new 30 club just like me.

It really made me think about beauty and age and how a lot of stores are missing the mark when it comes to my generation. Most of us don’t want to dress like our daughters but we also aren’t the 40 year old moms from our grandmothers generation either. I’m glad that some stores like Soma are starting to realize this. Even though I’m late to the pajama party I thought I share my newfound secret. As we move into 2018 I’d like to talk more about age, beauty and confidence because it’s a topic I feel pretty strongly about. I’ll share more exciting news surrounding that topic soon. And don’t fret my younger readers, there will be good stuff for you here too. My daughter is going to talk more millennial beauty, fashion and life advice for you! Check out some of her previous posts on the The Real Chic Life here and here.

In the meantime I’d love to hear your thoughts on beauty and age.


Until Next Post,

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Tonya Parker is a counselor, author and certified life coach who believes in helping women look and feel their best! Ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine and author of Single Mom Chic

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