How to be a Chic Mom at Home

The following is a guest blog post by Courtney Imade. 


When I started working from home I found being chic to be far more challenging than when I went into the office every day.  It was so tempting to stay in my pajamas sans makeup and without putting too much effort into my hair most of the day, but that felt a little slovenly and unambitious. And putting on real clothes- the jeans and tops and dresses I would normally wear out of the house, just to open up my laptop and plop down on the couch or at my desk, felt forced and uncomfortable. Add to that the fact that my five month old son is also home with me, and being chic while maintaining my comfort was a real challenge. Some of my other mom friends live in the sweatpants and oversized t-shirt combo, but I’ve never been a fan of that so I experimented to find the right balance of relaxed and chic. Even if you’re not a stay-at-home or work-from-home mom, on evenings and weekends when you’re just decompressing, you can still have that balance.  Here are 3 tips for being chic while staying in:

1.Find a good “house dress”– I know some of you may think the term house dress sounds old-fashioned, but I love the concept of a comfortable, multi-functional piece you can just throw on. There are some great modern versions of the house dress now. I stumbled across the company Dwell and Slumber on Instagram. Their page featured stylish Moms wearing caftans in pretty colors and modern prints. I wasn’t sure if the caftan style would work for me but I snagged two dresses during a re-stock (the site is frequently sold out) and fell in love with the classic caftan style. The material is soft and stretchy like a great pair of pajamas, but it also feels elegant because the sleeves and neckline drape nicely. And because I’m still nursing my son I love the snap buttons at the neckline. Plus I feel comfortable belting or knotting my dress, throwing on some sandals and a cute bag, and going out to run errands. A dress that works for sleeping, staying in during the day, and going out of the house is pretty amazing.


I also stumbled across this budget friendly number from Amazon. It features cozy fabric and a relaxed silhouette, but in a pretty boho maxi style that’s nice enough to go out in so it’ll transition well from home to errands or drinks with friends. This style runs large though so be sure to order one size down for a more relaxed look or two sizes down for a more fitted look.

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 8.35.07 AM

If a caftan isn’t your thing, Lou and Grey also produces stylish and comfortable clothing that transitions from home to other activities well.

2. Focus on skincare instead of makeup- I personally am a big fan of makeup, a great blush and mascara can brighten up my day.  But putting on a full face of makeup while you’re working at home is unnecessary. Let your skin truly breathe and focus on skincare instead, this is always a great long term investment because the more you put in to your skincare routine the less need you’ll have for makeup. Rodan & Fields makes a great line of products. Differin Gel also does wonders for acne and dark spots, and it’s sold over the counter. Take the time to treat yourself to at home facials as well. Glam Glow’s masks are pretty amazing.

3. Don’t neglect your fitness routine and nutrition– It’s easy to be sedentary at home- transitioning from bed to couch to desk and then back to bed again, so it’s really important to stay active if you’re at home for long stretches of time. Single Mom Chic has a great post about how to make your fitness goals a reality, you can find it here. Also be sure to prioritize vegetables over simple carbs and sugar. I’ve found starting my day with a green smoothie gives me an extra burst of energy. Check out Single Mom Chic’s post on green smoothies here. Exercising and proper nutrition benefit your mood as well as your appearance.

Following these tips definitely helps me feel more chic . How do you stay chic at home?


Courtney Imade is a guest blogger for Single Mom Chic. She is a writer/editor and owner of the vintage clothing company Unfaded Era. She currently lives in Alexandria, VA with her husband and 6-month-old son. 


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