To Dress Up or Not To Dress Up? Here Are a Few Reasons Why You Should



I believe in the Art of Dressing Well. But, before I dig into this let me be clear that I don’t believe that dressing well is about spending tons of money or keeping up with the latest trends.  To me it’s about looking as if you put just a little bit of thought into how you want to present yourself to the world.

Fashion trends are constantly evolving and I’m not sure there has been a more casual decade in fashion history. We currently live in a world where active wear is worn whether you are active or not, and leggings with pics of pizza slices all over them are a thing (and not just for toddlers)!

I have to admit that I am a little old fashioned when it comes to dressing up. I miss the times when everyone paid a little more attention to how they looked everyday and while I won’t go all Make Dressing Up Great Again (*cringe), I will give you a few reasons why I still dress up daily and why I think you should too.

  • You feel more confident-you have all heard that when you look good you feel good and it couldn’t be more true. Not only will you feel better in nice duds than in loungewear, but there are tons of studies that show how you dress has an effect on everything from test taking to workplace productivity. When you look the part you believe you can…
  • Your social interactions improve-ever dodged someone in the grocery store or averted the gaze of a cute stranger because you were wearing something silly like the aforementioned pizza pants or your favorite haggard sweats? This rarely happens when you are dressed well. You are more apt to hold that gaze with a cute stranger or catch up with a former classmate you haven’t seen in years when you are dressed well.
  • You will always make a good impression-people do judge a book by its cover. Sorry but it’s true. It certainly isn’t the only thing you will be remembered for but why not put your best foot forward? You never know when you will meet your next client, business partner or Mr. or Mrs. Right.
  • You inspire change in people around you-instead of lowering your standards, why not raise the standards of those around you? Not only will it improve your confidence but it helps to remind those around you to seize the opportunity to feel good about themselves too.
  • You deserve it-enough said…you are better than that wrinkled tee and sweatpants!

No matter how comfy loungewear is, nothing beats how good you feel in a well-fitted dress and your favorite pair of heels.

What are your thoughts on  To Dress or Not to Dress? I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments below.


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Tonya Parker is a counselor, author and certified life coach who believes in helping women look and feel their best! Ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine and author of Single Mom Chic

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