What I’m Packing For A Destination Wedding

I don’t know about you but I’m excited to get away and bask in the sun just a little, and most importantly to celebrate a beautiful union. However, I do feel like the preparation before an international trip can be a little overwhelming. We are just a few weeks away from visiting another island location- if you read my last post you know we went to Aruba at the end of February, so think of this as part two of a travel series. 

This month we’re headed to one of my favorite destinations- Negril, Jamaica, which means I am in the process of planning out my looks. I thought it might be helpful, as I know a lot of you are planning to travel soon too. And I thought a quick blog post might help to take my mind off of all of this looming book stuff. 

Have I told you how hard traditional publishing is? Chances are if we’ve spent time together IRL then the answer is yes. And if we just meet up here then I’ll have to catch you up in a future blog post. However, on a positive note, I do have an exciting bookish meeting scheduled for this week. I’ll share more soon but for now let’s get back to the topic at hand- Packing For An Island Vacation.  

I have written about packing for trips in the past and about using capsule wardrobes on said trips to make life easier. While the capsule concept definitely works for me in my everyday life somehow I still manage to over or under-pack for trips. Sometimes I have even been able to pull off the amazing feat of doing both of those simultaneously. Excuse me while I take a bow. 

“How do you manage to do that?” You might ask. Well, it’s easy really- I have more than enough things, but not always the right things. I share that so that you will be well aware that this post is not coming at you from a packing expert, but instead from someone in the trenches trying to get it right just like many of you. 

Lately, I have seen a few friends of mine post their vacation wardrobes using one of those garment racks which I have but rarely use. My friend Juliet from Make Mine a Spritzer packed for a 4-day trip to Mexico and fit it all neatly into a carry-on. She displayed all of her looks before the trip on her garment rack.

I thought about my upcoming trip to Negril and wondered if that was the missing piece (no pun intended).  Maybe I needed to see my items hanging from the rack. Perhaps there was some magic in the visual and even if a garment rack isn’t shimmering with pixie dust maybe the idea of just seeing my items before the trip might trigger something as missing before I start frantically pulling items from my suitcase. 

As you can tell from the title of this post this particular trip is for a family member’s destination wedding. We will be staying at the adults-only location next door to the resort hosting the wedding, but because most of our time will be spent with family and new friends, I did want to keep in mind some more conservative Wedding Party (but still chic) options. However, I think that these would be great options regardless of who you are vacationing with. I love classic looks.

So all of that to say; here are some of the items (written here as complete looks) that made it onto my garment rack and onto my packing list for my five-day trip to Jamaica

For the Pool/Beach-I’m taking a couple of the suits that I took to Aruba-they’re my favorites and always make the cut but I also picked up this cute JCrew Heritage Swim Skirt and Bikini Top both in classic stripe for our trip to the water park with some of the families going on the trip. The last thing I need while racing down a water slide is a wardrobe malfunction (there are no ties to come undone here). This suit isn’t just functional but it’s super cute too. I’ll wear it with these Hermes slides that I got a couple of months ago but haven’t worn yet. I love them so much I will probably pair them with all of my swim looks. They are très chic and waterproof. I’ll also throw on this JCrew coverup for lunch or lounging around.

This gorgeous one-piece (also from JCrew) with a bow, looks like a chic top when paired with these Tommy Bahama linen pants. I’ll throw on the aforementioned Hermes sandals and my go-to JCrew bucket hat and I’m ready for the Catamaran to Rick’s Cafe. I loved watching the sunset there on our last visit. It’s mesmerizing.

For Dinner -Here are a few evening Island looks I will be wearing: this romper, this jumpsuit, and this linen tie waist dress all from Ralph Lauren. I’ll pair my favorite clutch I like to carry to dinner on Islands trips. It’s an old one from JCrew but this one is similar. And my old Espadrilles from Castañer which would look fabulous with all three. These items will cover every night except the wedding night which brings me to the next item.

For the Wedding -my wedding look is from Veronica Beard. The wedding guest colors are Ivory and Royal Blue. I really wanted to seize the opportunity to wear almost white to the Wedding (how cool) but I just couldn’t pull the trigger on the Ivory even though my sister-in-law assured me it was fine. I guess I’m not as progressive as I thought. I went with a stunning one-shoulder dress- also with a bow (I sense a bit of a theme going on here). This dress is sold out on the Veronica Beard site. I bought it last year, but I did find another beautiful wedding guest option here. I’ll probably pair the one I’m wearing with my old Valentino wedges. *

*Update-I actually wore the Farm Rio dress linked above with the Castaner wedge espadrilles.

And last but not least For Travel -my plane look will be this JCrew V-Neck Shirtdress, I love that it’s breezy enough that I don’t have to immediately change upon arrival (the drive from the airport in Montego Bay to Negril is a long one). It’s also comfortable enough to make wearing it on the plane enjoyable too. I added my favorite jean jacket from Able and my packable fedora from JCrew. I’ll probably wear them with these slides also from Hermes or my leopard print Golden Goose. I have a similar one in white that I will wear on the plane home allowing me to duplicate this breezy travel look.

A lot of these items are on the higher end (I often spend a little more on staple items) but it’s easy to duplicate these looks using similar selections or dupes. None of these links are monetized (or sponsored) they’re just here to give you inspiration if you need them. Again, it’s the type of item not necessarily the brand I have chosen that matters here.

*The romper and the linen dress are pictured in this post.

I’d love to hear about your Island packing tips or anything that you’d like to share about an upcoming trip. 

Until Next Post, 

Xo Tonya Parker

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Tonya Parker is a counselor, author and certified life coach who believes in helping women look and feel their best! Ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine and author of Single Mom Chic

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