Tonya’s Wish List- A Holiday Gift Guide

I didn’t think I was ready to put out a holiday gift guide. I hadn’t done enough research yet on what’s trending. I’m in the trenches of preparing my novel for querying (if you’re a writer you know how arduous a task this is) and as a bit of a distraction, I’ve started the next one.

I finally sat down to begin the aforementioned research and realized I could just share my actual list. After all, it’s my job to stay pretty current anyway and I usually share things I have recently purchased and enjoy. The only difference here is that I’m only halfway through my list and some of these haven’t yet been purchased, but they’re all in my top ten. As a side note, there are no affiliate links here. 

For your mom or soup-making bestie– we love making soup, especially this time of year. My husband loves homemade soup so much that his last school district celebrated his birthday with a SOUPerintendent cook-off (a little corny but super cute). With that in mind, this pot is on my wish list. I already have and am obsessed with the pan.

For your Nashville-loving daughter or your biggest The Harder They Fall or Yellowstone fan- these booties. I purchased these as a gift for my daughter but I also have my eye on this pair for myself in bone. I love how big the western theme is right now. While I’m not going to go all in on it, I do really like to add accessories that are on trend and I have always loved a good cowboy boot. Blame it on my late teenage years spent in Arkansas, but I think that these would be a great segway into the trend and more importantly, they would still be relevant for years to come.

For your cozy craving sister or sister in-law– I was going to talk about these Ugg slippers that are also on my wish list but last night in Barnes and Noble I discovered the cutest reading socks and reading throw. As someone who can think of few things better than curling up with a good book on a dreary winter day, I love the idea. Clearly, no one needs reading socks, I’m sure regular ones will do. But this isn’t really about needs, it’s a wish list so here you go.

For your husband or your adult son– I have a couple of pairs of Frye Boots and love the quality of the leather so when I went in search of the perfect work bag for my husband (his current one doesn’t comfortably fit his laptop) I took a look at the site. There were several options to choose from but I really liked this one and it has good reviews. I also hopped over to Nordstrom and took a look at this highly-rated one too. I won’t say which one I actually purchased just in case he’s reading but I don’t think you could go wrong with either one.

For your grandkid or your own kids- You may know by now that the hottest (and by that I mean the most elusive) gift you could give your kids is $19.99. That is if you could actually get your hands on one-but since you probably won’t be able to find this online or on any shelves, how about a gift that also gives back? The story behind these dolls is amazing and yes, I have shared them before and I probably will again.

For your furbaby or your mother in law’s favorite child- I’m Joking about the mother in law thing unless you really are part of our family and then that would be true for both my mother and my husband’s too. It’s okay, we’ve accepted it.

Favorites aside here are a couple of my cute picks. I bought these Taco and Tequila bowls for Harley a few years ago and grabbed the Whiskey and Steak ones for Paisley-just to make sure all our favorites are covered. Pizza and Beer was a close second. And If you’re looking for something more family friendly- matching family PJ’s with coordinating looks for fido are just so darn cute (here and here).

And for youthis skincare advent calendar (if you’ve been very good this year) will help you count down the days. Ok so maybe no one needs 24 skincare products but this looks so fabulous! I probably won’t get it even though it is very high up on my wish list, but I did get this which made Oprah’s Fave Things List this year and I’m already hooked.

So that’s it. That’s the list. Let me know what’s on your wishlist too. 

Happy Shopping Friends!

Until Next Post, 

Xo Tonya Parker

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Tonya Parker is a counselor, author and certified life coach who believes in helping women look and feel their best! Ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine and author of Single Mom Chic

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