I Switched My Makeup Routine to Jones Road Clean Beauty-Here’s an Honest Review

I count Bobbi Brown in the company of a handful of businesswomen I’d like to think of as being influential long before being an Influencer was a thing. She along with the trendsetting influencers of the early 90’s-which also included Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart, was the face of her own brand way before personal branding became commonplace.

While other makeup brands evoke images of supermodels or slogans like Because You’re Worth it (which is a great one by the way), Bobbi Brown evoked images of herself telling us that we need less, not more, and how important it was to actually see skin. So when I heard that although she’d sold Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, she’d recently come out with a clean beauty line called Jones Road, I was excited to try it.

From a practical standpoint, I already owned most of what this new line offered. Did I really need more beauty products? Probably not, but this tagline from the website intrigued me- “the world doesn’t need more beauty products. It needs better beauty products. Clean, strategic, high-grade formulations that work on every skin type and tone—and that are as simple to use as they are to master.”

I decided to give it a shot. It started with one product and my collection quickly morphed into all of the products I’m reviewing below. 

As a caveat I’d like to say that I’m a pretty opinionated person by nature and it’s always my goal to give you good and honest feedback. I only take on projects I think I’ll love and if I don’t like something I tried you won’t hear about it. I don’t bash a brand that I work with the same way you wouldn’t bash your place of employment,  but I have been known to send an email explaining why I can’t or won’t share it with my audience. While you’re not going to love everything I share-we’re all different and have different needs of course, the reality is that I do want to keep this space authentic and I want you to know that if I did share something- even if it’s sponsored I genuinely liked it too.

The difference here is that I am going to share the good stuff I loved but I’ll also share what I didn’t on every single product I purchased from Jones Road beauty. So if you’re thinking about making the switch to clean beauty you might be interested in my thoughts about this fairly new brand too.

The Miracle Balm– I’ve shared about this one before and it was the gateway product that left me hungering for more. It’s a multi-use face product that gives you a youthful glow. It’s moisturizing and light-reflecting. You can apply it to cheeks, lips, or even all over on top of or instead of foundation. It’s a little tacky at first so I warm it between my fingers before applying it. For ingenuity, ease of use, and final result, I’d give it an A+.

The Face Pencil– the face pencils are marketed as the everything stick. They come in 25 Shades, which is fabulous. They are easy to apply. But they didn’t meld into the skin the way I believe a face pencil should. Despite being referred to as the everything stick, they remind me more of a concealer. I guess technically they are. Again, I just wish they were a little softer so that you could indeed use them for everything. However, they do say if you mix them with a moisturizer you can use them as a foundation. I have these in two shades and honestly, they both work well together or on their own depending on how I’m using them. For ingenuity, ease of use, and final result, I rate these a B.

The Best Pencil– is, of course, clean but beyond that, I found it unremarkable. I have others that I like more. It does go on easily, but I also found that it smeared a little, at least on my skin. It isn’t Best in my book but it wasn’t bad either. Just more average I’d say. So for ingenuity, ease of use, and final result, I give this one a C.

The Sparkle Wash– I’m not much of an eyeshadow wearer but I love this stuff. All of that mask-wearing made me want to concentrate on my eyes more for obvious reasons. And even though masks are coming off for vaccinated people, I’m still keeping my focus there. I love that these are easy to use and leave just a hint of color and sparkle, and are so easy to apply you don’t really even need a brush. The pigment is buildable so you can certainly apply more than a hint but it promises to never look overdone. It also doesn’t move or crease. I like the name sparkle wash and just a small swipe brings me joy. I use the Sparkle Wash in Bronze. For ingenuity, ease of use, and final result, these get an A.

The Hippie Stick-described as a universal balm that melts onto the face, body, and hair. I wanted this one to keep in my tote. I worry about hand lotions squirting out and ruining the interior. I really liked the idea of a stick. It smells amazing (with notes of coconut, orange, mint and shea), goes on easy, and although it is travel size at 2.65 oz, it turned out to be a little larger than I expected. However, the only place I’ve used it so far is my body. For ingenuity, ease of use, and final result, I give this one an A.

The Cool Gloss-nothing special to see here. It’s marketed as lightweight and moisturizing which is debatable. And it doesn’t stay on very long in my opinion. I found myself reapplying often. If you know me I like things that are as close to one and done for me. While most lipgloss needs to be reapplied, this one required touch-ups more often than any of my current favs. I should say that these do come in 10 colors. I only tried the clear so that might not be the case for the colored ones. They also say that it can be used on the cheeks for tint and high shine. Again that probably doesn’t apply to the clear as much. For ingenuity, ease of use, and final result, I give the CLEAR cool gloss a D.

The Best Eye Shadow- this is marketed as a professional-grade velvety pigment. I have it in Dark Brown (Matte). It was definitely rich in pigment and has staying power. It comes in 9 colors. I didn’t find the dark brown shade overly special but it certainly did its job. For ingenuity ease of use and final result, I give it a B.

The Mascara– okay, here’s another “if you really know me” moment. I love mascara. I did a stint with false lashes and although I love it on others I simply got tired of the look and the maintenance behind it. But I’m particular about my mascaras. With that being said I wasn’t going to try this. Then a friend shared how much she loved it and I decided to try it out. The wand is big and curved-just like I like it, and the pigment is deep. It separates, lifts, curls and the staying power is crazy. I honestly didn’t expect all that from a clean/vegan mascara. My only complaint is that it is a little hard to get off. For that reason, even with ingenuity, ease of use and final result considered, it’s getting an A-.

Overall I loved the switch and think I’ll continue to use and incorporate new products into my current makeup routine. They just came out with a brow pencil that I haven’t tried yet. I do hope to see some more mature models on the site soon. In the meantime, I’d love to hear about your experience with Jones Road if you’ve tried it, or feel free to share your fave clean beauty brand below. 

Until next post,

xo Tonya Parker 

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Tonya Parker is a counselor, author and certified life coach who believes in helping women look and feel their best! Ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine and author of Single Mom Chic

7 thoughts on “I Switched My Makeup Routine to Jones Road Clean Beauty-Here’s an Honest Review

  1. Hi Tonya – I LOVED reading your take on Bobbi’s new line. Your honest review has me focused better on which ones I might try! I adore beauty products, and have also focused more on clean brands. I recently did an overhaul and bought a ton of ilia products. madly in love with each and every bit of it so far, especially the foundation and lip oils. Thank you for the intel on Jones Road!

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  2. Hi Tonya, I loved your grading system, and honest review! The Miracle Balm and Sparkle Wash sound amazing – I’m a makeup minimalist so I’m always looking for clean, natural-looking products. Thanks for sharing – I hadn’t heard about Jones Road until you mentioned the Miracle Balm. Xo Nipa

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  3. Hey Tonya! I had such high hopes for the face pencil. Too bad they didn’t melt into the skin, So even if you have an extra slab of moisturizer, is it still the same result? I ask because my intention is to use it as a foundation. Also, did you find with continued use it clogged any pores or it didn’t cause any issues? Thanks again for your awesome review.


  4. I was excited to read your opinion on the products. I just did my first order last night. I am excited to get it I am very lucky at 62 to have a very nice complexion. But I would love to add a little bit more of a healthy glow. I also ordered the mascara, the eye shadow, the face stick and the Miracle balm. Little concerned if I got the correct color. I’m on a pretty tight budget so I really had to think about it. But great article that you wrote thank you so much


  5. Hello JRB, I’m sorry to write that I was disappointed in the foundation I purchased.. It was very sticky once applied. Even after leaving it on for hours! I never put powder on top of it. I don’t believe it was suggested. Sorry to complain. Thank you, Carolyn


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