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If you’ve been around for a little while you know that I’ve actually attended an Oprah’s Favorite Things Reveal Party, not once but twice (you can read about my first time here). It was not the television audience experience that I’d always dreamed of but a newer more modern version under the guise of the magazine’s holiday party- but oh so much more than that. The newer version of Oprah’s Favorite Things had all of the magic that I’d envisioned in my early adulthood. And if you didn’t click to read my previous post here’s a spoiler alert-Yes, Oprah was there and yes, she’s magical too!

And if you’ve really been around a while you know I wrote my favorite things post long before I became connected with the magazine. I like most of you, have loved the favorite things editions for years and I also love coming up with my own list. The Oprah Magazine List has 72 pretty cool finds this year but my list is always a paired down version of my very own Favorite Things so below are a handful of items that have earned the favorite things title in my book. 

Glitterville Studios– I first met the creator of Glitterville studios on an Alaskan Cruise and our paths have crossed a few times. He’s responsible for many of those famous Oprah’s Favorite things covers and his Sisal Trees have been a best seller at Anthropologie. He makes the cutest ornaments and home decor. The Harlem Toile de Jouy Plate collection-a collaboration with Sheila Bridges that celebrates the history and rich culture of the African American Community with designs inspired by the pastoral motifs of French Toile from the late 1700’s, made Oprah’s list this year. Of course I ordered a set and I just ordered his Papa Noel ornaments too. I absolutely love the fun colors and intricate designs. His entire site will make you smile and I appreciate the diversity in some of his creations too. If you follow him on IG you know he has the most beautiful white pet chicken. Yes, you read that right. See more here.

Mendoza Gold Hoop Earrings– I personally think everyone should have a nice pair of hoops. They add a little bit of sass to any look and look just as good with tees and joggers as they do with dresses and heels. I love that these are a modern twist with three different stones you can choose from and they’re not too big (which sometimes comes across as trying a little too hard) and they’re not too small (which may look like you’re not trying hard enough). To borrow from our old friend Goldie-their size is just right. I bought a pair of these 14k gold filled brass statement earrings with the hand cut gemstone in turquoise for my daughter and loved them so much I’m going to order the sunstone pair for myself too. They also come in amethyst. You can see all three here.

Goldbelly– Goldbelly is a food delivery service that will ship food items and baked goods from America’s greatest restaurants and shops. They believe that food is a language of love. I think I’d have to agree. Last spring before the world turned upside down I took a trip to NYC to see a Broadway play with friends. A few of the ladies in our group ran out to get cheesecake from a pretty famous New York City bakery. I declined after having an indulgent meal. Upon seeing their generous delicious looking slices I went off to bed and yes, visions of cheesecake danced in my head. Unfortunately we left early the next morning. “I’ll grab a slice next time” I thought, assuming I’d be back in Manhattan a few months later. Lo and behold 8 months later and there’s no plan for a Big Apple visit any time soon. But there is still a way to make my cheesecake dream or really almost any famous food item, a reality. They even have subscription boxes with The Best of Goldbelly boxes or more specific ones: like bacon, barbecue, pizza or cookies. You can look for some of your favorites here.

Black Girl Magic Red Blend– I picked this up at a local Target and I’ll be honest, I was drawn to the name. If you’ve ever bought a bottle of White Girl Rosé (hand raise here) you probably understand. But I was really surprised by how good it actually is. My favorite red wine blend is Prisoner but at $50 a bottle it’s more of a splurge than a staple. This one is just as good, also a California wine and it’s moderately priced. If you’re looking for a way to support a small black owned business and enjoy a nice glass of wine after a long day, this one’s for you. I’ll be giving this to several people on my gift list this year. If red wine isn’t your thing they also make a Rosé. Check out the story behind this amazing duo-The McBride Sisters here.

Nest 3 Wick Holiday Candle– whenever someone says they have a hard time shopping for me my answer is always a candle or a bottle of wine. I’m a lover of both and Nest is one my favorite brands. I love how so many of their scents combine the familiar with the unexpected for the perfect juxtaposition. The Holiday candle is a warm and lovely scent with a blend of pomegranate, mandarin orange, pine, cloves, and cinnamon with a hint of vanilla and amber. I really like that there’s a 3 wick version that will extend the life of this exquisite fragrance (see it here).

See The Beauty Glasses from Peepers– Ironically I was introduced to Peepers at a favorite things party because their readers made the list. I actually gifted those to my mom because I don’t need readers just yet. She loved them but when I discovered their blue light glasses I fell in love too. Blue light glasses are so important to reduce the harmful blue light emitted from our screens. The Peepers See The Beauty glasses filters over 40% of the most Harmful blue light, offers UV 400 protection, and has 7 layer Anti Reflective Coating. I love that these come in several fun colors too. Stylish and practical is always my go-to! My favorites are the tortoise and magenta frame. You can see them here.

Grayson Flannel– brace yourself for this one friends. I’ve never worn flannel. I know it sounds crazy but I’m just not a fan (for me). Though I’m certainly dressing more comfortably just like everyone else I still like a dressier look. What I love about Grayson is that there’s something for everyone. They have your traditional flannel but also the cutest little prints and chic solids. So no matter what your style there’s a flannel for you too. And the flannel is amazingly warm and comfy. Who knew? These tops are high quality and worth every penny, they’re like the high thread count sheets you love so much. Yes, you could get a more inexpensive version but life’s too short for cheap sheets or flannel. Okay the flannel analogy might be a slight stretch. No one needs expensive flannel but this list is about wants! If you want high quality super cute flannel looks that would make a great gift for you or someone else click here.

Arizona Big Buckle Birkenstock (Shearling)- I’ve been living in my Birkenstocks since March. When I went to get a pedicure the other day (masked of course) the technician kept mentioning with a pretty shocked expression- how soft my feet were. Now I realize that people who love flannel and those who wear Birkenstocks often go together but what can I say? I’m a bit of a contradiction here. I’ve always loved them for their easy and effortless look and the way they mold to fit your foot like a custom shoe. I also typically choose a patent or metallic-which adds just a little glamour, as if one could actually consider a Birkenstock glamourous. And the truth is that while I’ve worn more heels in my day to day life with the occasional Birkenstock day thrown in, I’d say it’s the opposite now. As we approached fall I wanted to keep my Birkenstock thing going and saw these shearling lined pair. When I first put my feet in them I almost cried. I’m being serious here. They are the softest and most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever owned. And they’re perfect for the weather we’re having right now. They won’t make it through the entire winter of course as we do have 4 seasons where I live. but I’ll gladly pull them out again in early spring. I bought them in black but they come in several colors that you can see here.

Ellen Lange Retexturixing Peel– I share skin care but never as an expert. I’m just a girl who dreams of glowy skin. I’m more like the friend saying this was amazing or this broke me out. So when I say I’ve never done anything more than a facial in a professional salon please don’t be surprised. I’ve heard people rave about peels but I’ve also seen the recovery process and to be honest it’s a little scary- though the end result is typically great. There are instances, particularly for those with darker skin like mine, where peels have left dark spots or scarring so they were definitely a no for me. We only have one face right? But the Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel is lauded for being a gentle yet effective at home peel that doesn’t leave marks. So I tried it and loved it! That glow I mentioned above was real and because the kit comes with at least 8 applications you can use it weekly for a cumulative result. You can read more about the benefits here.

So those are  just a few of my favorite things. If you’d like to see the O list of all 72 of Oprah’s Favorites click here

I’d also love to hear about your favorite things! Friends share good things! 

P.S This is not a sponsored post-though some of the items were received as gifts, there was no requirement to share them here.

As always all opinions are my own.

Until next post, 

Xo Tonya Parker 

*You can also shop my look pictured above here.


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  1. One of my favorite purchases this year is my pair of Allbirds Tree Runners! Also loving Athleta’s Pranayama wrap and Cozy Karma Asym Pullover…and really anything from that store!! Xo Nipa

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