Three Things Im Crushing On For Fall

If we’ve been friends for a while you know that I always get excited about a new season. To be honest I love all new starts: a new year, a new month and even a brand new week. I tend to be excited about possibilities. But for me fall is special- If you’ve been following along for a while you know that fall is my absolute favorite season and it has nothing to do with lattes. I love the cooler temps, the lets get back to it feeling in the air, and most of all fall fashion. And while this fall honestly feels a little like more of the same than I would like to admit- besides those sweet cool temps, I’m still excited about fall looks, even if I am still most often at home. 

With that being said some of you may not be shopping at all right now and that’s okay too. But a lot of us are still clicking that little add to cart button and if you’re curious here’s what most of us are looking for:

Comfortable chic looks-we might be at home but a lot of us are hopping on calls, running quick errands and meeting up with friends or family members in small socially distanced groups. We like looks that look chic and feel good both IRL and on ZOOM. We may not care much about high heels right now but we still want to look good. 

Things that make us smile-we need all the smiles that we can get right now and fashion is no exception. I have always been a lover of whimsical prints and apparently lots of other people are feeling them too right now. If you need any proof of that I present you with the Strawberry Dress. I didn’t add this to the cart because it seemed too frivolous and expensive ($490) but a whole lot of people did-you  can read all about it here. I did however treat myself to this beautiful dress and I adore the pretty fall print-you can see it here

Staple Items-while we are still safer at home right now it won’t be our reality forever. And to be honest I have always shopped with the intention of adding to my wardrobe intentionally. I look for quality that will last, items that compliment what I already have, and pieces that will be sure to  make an appearance year after year. So here are three things I am crushing on for fall:

The color olive-As much as you see me share colorful looks I love neutrals because they are the foundation of any good wardrobe. You can always add pops of color to your looks and you don’t always have to spend as much on them either. However, the neutrals are meant to hang around and they go with everything so I don’t mind investing in them. I love the color olive because it toes the line on both of those points. It gives a slight pop of color but works with your looks the way a black or brown does. I love this about gray too but olive is much more fun. 

Fall florals-fall florals are my favorite floral print because the colors tend to be warmer. Fall florals are more understated than it’s spring or summer sister prints but just as beautiful. I also like the contrast between a fall floral pattern and jacket or boot. To me it says “I still love pretty carefree things, but let’s take it up a notch.” The perfect juxtaposition. 

Camo-I am going to be completely transparent here. I was not a fan of camo at all… for me. I loved seeing it on my daughters who are much more cool than I will ever be. However, it seemed less chic and more trendy than my traditional classic look. And although I was late to the party as usual, I am here now. I don’t know if it’s like that song that you first dislike and then start singing along because you’ve heard it a million times on the radio- I keep seeing camo everywhere. Or if I have just suddenly realized it isn’t a passing trend and it can be chic especially if the rest of your outfit is less trendy. I personally like small doses of it right now, and I’m approaching it in the same way that I eased into animal print. If you would like to try that small dose approach too, start with an accent piece like a cute clutch or even a sassy little jacket thrown over a more traditional look. These are both ways I love to wear camo right now. 

So those are the three fashion looks I’m crushing on right now. I’d love to hear about what you’re loving for fall too. 

Until Next Post, 

Xo Tonya

P.S.. If you’d like you can shop my look here and here.

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Tonya Parker is a counselor, author and certified life coach who believes in helping women look and feel their best! Ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine and author of Single Mom Chic

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