Favorite Things: Mother’s Day Edition


Mother’s Day has always been a special holiday for me. I remember the excitement of creating a homemade card for my mom and the delighted look on her face when I would hand over my prized, yet amateurish work of art. Back when I was a single mom I received lots of homemade things. And my heart would swell the way I am sure my mom’s did back then, before life got more complicated and handmade cards were replaced by glossy store bought ones. I still love a handwritten letter or a picture drawn just for me but as my girls got older the gifts got more mainstream of course. But they never gravitated to what was typical- their gifts were always thoughtful and tailored.

My daughters still put a lot of thought into selecting the perfect gift, even when I say that I don’t need another thing which is almost always now, they find a way to surprise me with something I didn’t know I needed or wanted. We honestly don’t wait for Mother’s Day or any other holiday to send each other a surprise.

If we are connected on IG you may have seen me opening some of the things listed below in my instagram stories. So I decided to compile a select list of a few gifts I have received (from my girls or public relations friends) or run across recently that I think you might love as well. With Mother’s Day just around the corner and many of us unable to get out and browse our usual shopping destinations I wanted to create a quick and easy Mother’s Day Favorite Things list that you can tailor for the special mom/friend/daughter in your life too.

For the Plant Loving mom– my older daughter loves plants and though I don’t have a green thumb she’s trying really hard to convert me too. She sent me the cutest little succulent garden from The Sill and she’s filled her home with a bunch of green beauties from the website too. I hadn’t thought about ordering plants online before but they make it really easy by delivering healthy plants directly to your doorsteps. They tout themselves as a modern plant destion for the modern plant lover and every plant comes with care instructions and access to their support team. They also offer monthly subscription boxes and Digital E-Cards. You can check them out here.

For The Sentimental mom– If there’s a sentimental mom in your life who really gets into receiving the perfect card (I’m raising my hand here) then Love Pop is that but better. Created by best friends who were studying to become naval architects, the duo used ship building software and the inspiration of the ancient art form of Kirigami to create beautiful laser pop up cards. For Mother’s Day you can combine the prettiest greeting card with flowers that she won’t have to water. I don’t think I can fully describe the beauty and ingenuity of it so take a look here.

For the Self-Care Loving mom– Nothing says self care like a beautiful calming fragrance if you ask me. I love lighting a candle for a bath or having a beautiful scent that lifts my spirits. The Harmonist– said to be guided by the principles of harmony and well being, has a line of candles (and perfumes) that will transform bath time into a luxurious spa day. I love that they include natural ingredients from all over the world, and that they utilize recyclable materials-from the refillable perfume bottles and the deluxe packaging to the vegetal wax that they use for their candles. I recently received the Velvet Fire Parfum and it’s dreamy but admittedly a splurge. You can check them out here

For the Tech Loving mom Portal from Facebook– Now this would definitely make anyone’s Favorite Things List especially right now when many of us are still staying home and missing contact with family and friends. It has been the best way to connect with my grandsons right now. It allows you to video conference in a way that makes you feel like you’re in the same room. It also has special effects (think snap chat filters) which my little guys love and you can play games with each other on it too. It’s been such a huge hit in my house that even our dog comes running when it rings. See it here

For the beauty loving momRiki Mirror-This one is actually on my list of things to get. Many of you might have seen it on Oprah’s Favorite Things List of 2019 but I honestly didn’t give it much thought until recently when a friend included it in a post about video conferencing. She listed it as a tip to make your zoom or video conferencing better by providing soft lighting. I love that it is sleek and modern looking, can be used as a streaming device and if you’re up for it it claims to allow you to create the perfect background lighting for selfies or youtube videos with a magnetic holder for your phone. And if you love makeup tutorials it allows you to watch and recreate at the same time. You can also purchase a travel case or go for the portable smaller version the Riki Cutie. You can see them all here.

For the luxury loving momThe Goyard Tote my daughter loves this tote. And apparently the rest of the world does too. You rarely see a celebrity out shopping without one of these tucked under her arm. If you know me IRL you know I am pretty brand loyal and I have a small collection of bags from a different luxury brand-including a newly purchased large tote (pictured above), so I won’t be adding this to my collection this year, but I have to admit it’s slowly climbing up my wish list. I love that it’s sleek and understated but the iconic chevron pattern of the Saint Louis is still easily recognizable. I will admit that this tote combines style and casualness effortlessly, which is always my goal. You can’t actually purchase the Goyard Tote online as they are known for their exclusivity, but you can contact one of their boutiques and place an order over the phone. You can check out the history of the brand which has been around since 1792 here

So, those are a few of my Favorite Things for Mother’s Day. I hope you enjoyed checking out my list and I would love to hear your suggestions too so feel free to drop them below. But most importantly, I hope you enjoy your Mother’s Day this year, quarantined or not. I can tell you I have had lots of time to reflect over the past few weeks and I appreciate my mom and all of the special women in my life more than ever. And that my friends is the real gift! 

Until Next Post,

Xo Tonya Parker

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Tonya Parker is a counselor, author and certified life coach who believes in helping women look and feel their best! Ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine and author of Single Mom Chic

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