Why I believe that Every Body Can Be a Bikini Body-Seriously



Last year my husband and I visited a resort in Mexico and just like every other time we’ve landed on a beach in another country, I always marvel at how easy going people are on the beaches. It seems like everyone is rocking bikinis –the young and not so young alike. I am usually sitting there with my bikini underneath my cover-up, as a couple old enough to be my parents frolics by easy and free. By the end of the trip I usually warm up a little bit but it takes a minute for sure.

I didn’t feel this way in my youth. I honestly didn’t give it much thought at all. When I was younger going to the beach meant having fun in the sun. It was not a time for me to critique my body or to wonder if I was too old to wear a certain style of swimsuit. Now, I understand that body issues plague young girls and younger women too, but I do think that the older we get the harder we are on ourselves in many aspects of life. Wearing a bikini might not be a battle you’re interested in having with yourself, but if you’ve been on the fence here’s why you might consider it.

  1. Because you want to
  2. Because no one is thinking about the thing you’re thinking about
  3. Because it gives other women confidence too

The more that we believe only perfect bodies are bikini bodies the more we will only see what we think are perfect bodies. And, before I go any further I’d also like to remind you that there really is no such thing. Most women do have an area or two on their bodies that make us feel a little self-conscious, but if we focus on what we do love about our bodies we can worry less about the thing that no one else is thinking about anyway.

I love the line in Kendrick Lamar’s song Humble where he says “give me something real…”and talks about wanting to see stretch marks and how he is sooo tired of the photoshop. Aren’t we all?

Speaking of real, you may have heard me talking about how much I like what SI did with their latest swim issue. Although the women are still models, they did deviate a bit and show a more diverse view of women’s bodies. I actually purchased that new issue and it was the first time I’d brought one of those magazines home, thought I do remember flipping through it in the checkout line when Tyra Banks made her premiere 23 years ago.

And while 45 year old Tyra looked amazing on the cover (and in the magazine) and I adore her, I couldn’t wait to see what all the buzz was about 54 year old Paula Porizkova. But I have to tell you who the person was who I think killed it in every photo-plus sized model Tara Lynn. She’s actually the one who inspired my look below. She’s featured in a Cacique Intimates ad on the inside cover wearing this exact suit and she looks amazing!


Tyra also shared her tip about how a string bikini actually accentuates your curves. A tip I discovered on my own but I love that an actual swimsuit model said it too.

If a string bikini isn’t your jam, here are a few more that I love on the Cacique Intimates Swim Page.

And yes, they have your size! They now carry sizes 0-28! How Fabulous is that!

swim 1


swim 2

swim 3


Wearing a fun print or whimsical design actually helps you not take yourself too seriously! It really is all about having a good time when you’re at the beach or pool. So no matter how old you are or what body shape you have let loose and have fun!

I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on rocking bikinis or swimwear in general.

Until Next Post,


xo Tonya Parker

The swimsuit pictured above was gifted but all opinions are my own. 

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Tonya Parker is a counselor, author and certified life coach who believes in helping women look and feel their best! Ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine and author of Single Mom Chic

13 thoughts on “Why I believe that Every Body Can Be a Bikini Body-Seriously

  1. Great blog post and you look amazing! I agree that we should all be confident in whatever swimsuit we want, and like Tyra said sometimes more coverage isn’t the most visually flattering look for curves anyways.


  2. I think everyone should wear what they’re comfortable in. I haven’t worn a bikini in years. I prefer the tankini style. You look amazing in yours!

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  3. Oh my. I’m inspired by your post and will read it again to gain a bit more confidence to rock that bikini. Maybe a one-piece is what’s up for me. Ha!! Thx you so much. Great article.

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  4. This is such a great post my lovely friend! I’ve always been tall and slim and when I was younger I wasn’t comfortable wearing a bikini. It might seem odd but I was. It has to do with confidence I think. You inspired me to post my first bikini post on Instagram. I have no problem wearing a bikini now but I definitely didn’t feel comfortable posting the picture. Years ago I realized most people don’t care what I look like in my bikini and they don’t care what I think they look like in their bikini. They’re there to have a good time! Great post. We should have a national bikini day 🌻⚘🤗

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    1. I am so happy to hear that you were inspired to post your first bikini pic! You looked amazing and you are right, people are not at the beach to critique us. Yes, to national everyone (who wants to) wear a bikini day! xo


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