How To Step Up Your New Year’s Wardrobe With 4 Staple Items

75f09af5-5510-4700-8160-09ded57f8e36The other day I was talking to someone who mentioned that they wanted to overhaul their entire wardrobe. They sent me photos from a fancy boutique that is very popular on the gram. They specialize in beautifully crafted staple items with interesting details and whimsical prints. Think JCrew meets Anthropologie.

Now, most of you know that I love clothing. I also think that each season gives us an opportunity to refresh and renew many areas of our lives and fashion is no exception. But, what I don’t believe in is buying a ton of new clothes. I like to incorporate a few pieces into a workable wardrobe. I am sure there are instances where someone might want to drop thousands of dollars revamping their entire wardrobe but I honestly can’t think of any. Even major life changes might call for a few new items but not a complete overhaul, in my opinion.

In my book, I talked about creating a capsule wardrobe and slowly swapping out items for higher quality staples. I did this a lot as a single mom, and now that my kids are adults and I’m married my family income is very different but it’s still the way I recommend shopping for new items no matter what your budget looks like. And if you really want to see the most bang for your buck here are a few items that you should upgrade or invest in that will have you looking chic in the New Year. Not only will these items last-provided you don’t go too trendy-I’m looking at you cute teddy bear coat- they will transition from winter right into early spring.


A great coat- There are so many new and  interesting styles out there like the aforementioned teddy bear coat which I have and enjoy wearing for fun, but if we are talking staples I like a classic lady coat or trench.  I’m a pretty practical person and like something that looks as good with jeans as it does with an LBD. While this sounds a little like a no brainer there are tons of people who do not have a nice coat. I have seen people show up to fancy events with their puffy, shovel-the-snow winter coat atop a long gown with the thought that they will coat check it anyway. While that might be true, getting to your event, standing in line for coat check and leaving the event are all times when your coat is on center stage. Not only are we talking about your first impressions when you meet someone in said coat check line but I also believe that we will feel better and more confident when you look completely pulled together. Start with outerwear. No one can tell the difference between a $200 fancy boutique striped shirt and a $50 one from the mall, but they can spot a nice coat a mile away. If you are going to invest do it here.


Boots-it is said that people subconsciously notice your shoes before anything else. I am not sure if that is true or not but I can say that I do believe that shoes elevate your outfit and they can break it too. We might not start there but we certainly end there. For winter and early spring, a boot really is a no-brainer. So if you’re going to invest in a boot I love the idea of a bootie. They are easier for most people to pull off and look great with dresses, pants, and jeans, again Practical Patty here at your service. They also don’t steal the show the way a knee-high boot does making it easier to wear them more often with different looks.


Sunglasses-We often think of sunglasses as a summer item, but I find myself throwing them on when going out just as much during the winter as during the warmer months. The sun’s still shining even when there’s snow on the ground in most places and while you’re out and about only a few things actually stand out when your outfit is covered by a coat anyway. Sunglasses are a wonderful way to add a little glamour or personality to your look. I am a quality over quantity person so I believe in a nice simple pair (Raybans are my go to) that will look chic with anything but if you like variety this is an area where you can go a little crazy and not break the bank. There are tons of great styles and you don’t have to buy high end. I have a pair from Chico’s like the pair pictured above that I wear quite a bit as well.


A statement bag-handbags always have a special place in my heart but during the winter and early spring they really stand out. Again, the idea is that one-most often you’re running around with a coat on anyway, and two- you are probably attending a few events and having a nice handbag elevates your look. When choosing a statement bag think quality (a nice handbag will last forever) and wearability. Again, you want something that stands out-I’m not a big fan of black unless the hardware is very interesting, but you don’t want it to be too distinct where you can’t wear it with almost anything. If you wear a lot of colors think of the other neutrals-grey, taupe, camel or mahogany, and if you wear neutrals a red, green, burgundy or another jewel-toned bag will make your outfit pop. I am crushing on the one above from Gucci but you can find a quality bag at a much lower price point.

So, that’s my take. Instead of buying a bunch of clothes during those winter sales going on now look at investing in some of the staple items featured above to truly chic up your look.

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Tonya Parker is a counselor, author and certified life coach who believes in helping women look and feel their best! Ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine and author of Single Mom Chic

8 thoughts on “How To Step Up Your New Year’s Wardrobe With 4 Staple Items

  1. I love your style Tonya and these tips are fantastic! I add a few pieces every season and try to get rid of some too. Those leopard sunglasses are so cute and what a great price!! I think I need to grab a pair.

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  2. Amazing tips my friend! I wear glasses so its it’s hard for me to wear sunglasses. So, I purchase large ones that fit over my glasses 🤣😂🤣. I love boots and long coats although I don’t get to wear them much here in Orlando! Thank you


      1. I haven’t Always been a fan on sunglasses because of the fact that I do wear glasses. Also I have high cheekbones so when I wore sunglasses I thought I looked like a bumblebee, lol!! But now I don’t care 😂🤣😂 I love all of your post! Very thoughtful inspiring and helpful! Thank you

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