My Top 5 Classic Wardrobe Staples For Your Fall/Winter Wardrobe


Outfit pictured above is sponsored by Chico’s but all thoughts are my own. So Slimming Black Trouser Pant, Heritage Floral Burnout Kimono, and Mulberry Scoop Neck Tee.

I know it’s exciting to see all of the fall trends but as someone who always believes that less is more, I have to tell you that I believe that every good wardrobe starts and ends with the basics. The staple items are where you should invest your money and then sprinkle in a trend or two. I typically go a little lower end when I’m adding in my trends unless the trendy item is just uber fabulous and I think it might stay around for more than one season. But there are things I think you should invest in and by invest I mean the highest quality you can afford. Everyone’s budget is different and you will be able to find these items at any price point.

A classic black pant-this seems like a no-brainer but it is honestly hard to find the perfect pants among the black sea of not so perfect pants. Many times we just settle. For me being a petite person a black pant that makes me look longer and leaner is the goal. Figure out what you want to accentuate (or camouflage) and find a quality pair that does the job. Pictured above I am wearing these So Slimming Trouser Pants and I love how they make my legs look long and lean. They also have a tummy flattening technology and stretch!

so slimming pant.jpg

A long cardigan or ruana that will go with almost anything-I tend to like this in a neutral color like grey, tan or black but a nice burgundy or an interesting print will work well with almost anything. I like to keep one hanging in my office at work for days where I am a little chilly or want to add an extra layer to my outfit. I find them stylish and functional.


A classic white shirt-my favorites are no iron of course because I love a shirt that looks great right out of the dryer. Who wouldn’t? But confession… I still hit them with a little steam. These look great with skirts, pants, and even blue jeans. Carolina Herrera rocks them with long formal gowns. I haven’t tried that yet but I do believe a classic white shirt goes with everything.

NYDJ White Shirt

A Classic Pump in a neutral color- Even if you don’t wear heels on a regular basis you should have a great pair that you can throw on for an event where you might need one. I am a heels girl but I know plenty of my friends who have had to run out looking for a pair to attend a function. Having a great pair on hand that goes with just about everything makes life easier. I prefer a nude shoe if you aren’t going to have a closet full, as you will get the most use out of them (they are the most versatile) but classic black works well too.

black pump.jpg

A great pair of flats-I tend to wear heels most days but it is important to have a great pair of flats on hand too. Because I am not a big flat shoe person I like the idea of having a statement pair of flats that go with many different outfits. Animal print for me fits the bill here. Animal print doesn’t ever go out of style and jazzes up jeans and white tees or button downs beautifully!


As a bonus, I’ll add a few more accessories too: diamond (or diamond-like studs) a statement necklace, a coat (trench or lady coats never go out of style) and boots (almost any variation will do).

That’s what makes my must have classic staple list for fall/winter. I would love to hear about what makes your list too.

p.s. We just updated the About section on the blog! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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