3 Things I loved about Terra’s Kitchen Food Delivery Service

I received free credit to try this service as a content creator collaboration but all opinions expressed here are as always my own. 



Eat More Plants

Have you tried a meal delivery service? I have actually tried a few and let me tell you why Terra’s Kitchen tops my list. Many of you may know that I have been a vegetarian for over 20 Years. I realize that this lifestyle might not be right for everyone, but I agree with Michael Pollan (author of In Defense of Food) who said that we should “Eat Food, Not too Much, Mostly Plants”. So I am on a mission to introduce my family to more plant based meal options.

Because I have been doing this so long I don’t really think much about it for myself. I eat pretty simply and don’t mind a salad loaded with veggies everyday for lunch, but for someone used to more traditional meal choices the idea of another salad might be daunting. To be honest, I am so busy working as a school counselor, running my household and blogging/content creating that I don’t really take the time to scour the web looking for plant based recipes my family might be open to, even though I should, so when Terra’s Kitchen offered to collaborate I was indeed interested. Let me tell you the real reason why…

Spreading sunshine, no shade

First I am not big on throwing shade. My tagline is spreading sunshine but I am going to be honest with you about what I didn’t like about the other meal plans I tried. I tried a couple of others with the same thought in mind-to offer my family plant based options that we’d all love so that I am not left creating two separate meals. The other plans I sampled were heavy on pastas as their vegetarian options and used eggs a lot as the protein source. Now, I love pasta but every long standing vegetarian will tell you that the pasta primavera option offered to vegetarians when there aren’t veg entrees on the menu can get a little old after awhile, and I am just not big on eggs (never have been)  and certainly don’t see them as a main source of protein, so when I found out that Terra’s Kitchen was based on the Mediterranean diet (one of the healthiest diet options in my opinion) I knew we’d see REAL whole food, plant based options. You know how much I love being real right?


Sign me up!

The sign up process was easy (they typically are) but choosing options was so much better with this service. There were tons to choose from and everything looked so good! This go round my problem was narrowing my choices, not choosing a few that might work. Terra’s Kitchen even has snacks, salads and drink options!

When my delivery arrived in the  reusable climate controlled vessel I was super excited. Yes, I love food! If you have been following along you know I am a self-proclaimed foodie. You can watch my unboxing video on my highlighted Instagram story. There’s also a bonus cook with me video there too.


Here are 3 things I loved about Terra’s Kitchen

Everything was very convenient-Including delivery and pick up- you just unpack the ingredients and peel off a return label and place it outside for an already pre-scheduled pick up. Most things were pre-chopped. I am a busy mom and though I cook most weeknights I am not interested in peeling and chopping a large butternut squash on a Monday night (one of the things I didn’t like about the other meal delivery kits). Terra’s Kitchen had most of the items pre-chopped or diced, including onions and squash. I did roughly chop fajita veggies but even they were already pre-sliced! Why, thank you Terra!

The recipes were easy-I collect cookbooks. I love them all but I rarely use any of them. Weird right? There are so many steps in most of the recipes and I don’t want to keep harping on my lack of extra time, but I just don’t feel like going through a 20 step recipe every night. I like that the recipes didn’t take a ton of prep and didn’t take you through too many steps. The recipe cards come hole punched too, making it easy to put them into a binder to create your own cookbook!

The recipes were delicious-My husband is a steak guy but he raved about the black bean sliders and I could eat the Chipotle Sweet Potato and Black Bean soup every day, all day! The veggies were all super fresh thanks to the climate controlled vessel and everything I made came out just right! Even my 16 year old bonus son enjoyed the meals. Mom win!

This one’s for you

Have you ever thought about trying a Meal Delivery Service? I am all about life hacks and this is a good one. Terra’s Kitchen has great meal choices and whether you are a meat lover or a tree hugger like me, I believe you’ll enjoy the Mediterranean Style options. I am providing you with a code REALCHIC that will give you $35 off any order of $72.99 or more. The pricing is flexible-another plus! As you can build your own kit. I am looking at trying the Three Day Fresh Food Detox next! You can visit Terra’s Kitchen here.I’d love to hear your thoughts and your feedback should you give it a try.

Until Next Post,

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