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Okay, admittedly I am obsessed with Oprah and I always loved her Favorite Things episodes. While we no longer get to watch (with fascination and a tinge of envy) her dole out these things to the eager audience members lucky enough to be in those seats during this show (some of you younger readers might not even remember that), you can see her favorite things laid out on the pages of her magazine. Still slightly fascinating, but much less envy provoking.

Apparently, Oprah has her people choose these things for her and she walks through and selects from their favorites, so it might actually be better titled as Oprah’s Staffers’ Favorite Things but hey, i’ll still take it.  While flipping through this year’s collection of favorites in O Mag, I decided that I have run across some really amazing beauty products this year and I wanted to share them with you. Just in case while you’re out holiday shopping for your favorite people you wanted to grab a little something for yourself.

Most of you probably know by now that I have a slight obsession with beauty products. I am not really sure where it started, but I do remember that as a young divorcee I wasn’t always able to purchase the fancy brands that I loved looking at in Vogue and Elle. But after shopping for my kids, if I had a little left over I might splurge on a nice lipstick or mascara for myself. Beauty was an area where even if I went high-end it was still affordable as a nice treat.

So if you decide you want to Treat Yo Self but not break the bank here are my favorite beauty things:


Dior Hydra-Gel Core Mirror Shine-Need moisture? Yes, please! Okay, I love all the matte lips out there but I just can’t seem to pull them off. If you need a little hydration for your pretty pout I’ve got you. This lipstick deposits the perfect amount of color, you don’t need a mirror, liner or 2o minutes of free time to apply and you won’t look like you have been walking through the Sahara searching for water. I wear Addict which is appropriately titled for my lipstick obsession.


Younique Touch Cream Foundation-I actually purchased this on accident. I was going for the liquid foundation when this creamy compact arrived at my door. I remember wanting to kick myself just a little, but just when I got ready to put it back in the package to return it I remembered my hairdresser, who also happens to be a makeup artist, raving about how she always uses creams on her brides because it looks more natural. I gave it a try since I didn’t have anything else to loose and Voila! Perfect match, consistency, natural finish, doesn’t transfer and it lasts all day. Love…


Too Faced Natural Eyes-I have had the Naked Palettes for years. Everyone raves about them but to be honest I am not a huge eyeshadow fan. I usually end up buying these nude palettes and then giving them away because I use them so infrequently. This one by Too Faced has great natural colors that you don’t need to be a youtube makeup guru to get right. The Cashmere Bunny shadow is a perfect everyday color and who wouldn’t want a cashmere bunny?


Better Than Sex Mascara-I have raved about this stuff before. If I were on a deserted Island I would want mascara just in case there was a reflective pool somewhere. I’d also want chapstick… but back to Mascara, I don’t even go to the gym without it. I could do without any other product but I’ve got to have my lashes. I know lots of people are obsessed with faux lashes but they just aren’t my jam. This Mascara gives you big beautiful thick lashes in .5 seconds.


R+F Lash Boost-speaking of big thick beautiful lashes, I have seen tons of before and afters pics of amazing lashes after using this product. It has nutrients and biotin that promises you your own fuller, longer looking lashes. I have only been using it for a week so I can’t say it’s my favorite thing yet but I can tell you everyone I know is raving about it. So I am going to go a little Oprah on you and pick it anyway. I’ll keep you posted.


The Clarisonic-I am late to the party on this one but I promised you in a previous post that I was on a good skin mission. Many people probably already have one of these but I picked mine up this year after my aesthetician used a similar one during my facial. I use it twice a day and love it! No more dull skin for me. Exfoliation is everything.


Nars Blush in Outlaw-Nars blushes have always had a cult following and while everyone goes crazy over Orgasm by Nars I love Outlaw even more and its much less embarrassing to ask for at the beauty counter. Hands down Nars has the slightly flushed cheek market covered.

That’s it for my favorite beauty things list this year. I would love to hear what some of your favorite beauty products are.

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Tonya Parker is a counselor, author and certified life coach who believes in helping women look and feel their best! Ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine and author of Single Mom Chic

2 thoughts on “Single Mom Chic’s Favorite Beauty Things

  1. Oh my gosh, I love all of your favorites from this list. The only one that didn’t really work for me was the Lash Boost. I had high hopes but no results. Bummer!

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    1. Thank you! I didn’t like it at first either but I kept using it because my friends were having amazing results. Eventually mine started growing like weeds. I stopped because they were looking a little too long and scary. 🙂

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