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Right now there is a celebrity movement going on that is causing some women to question their daily routines. The beautiful Alicia Keys has been at the forefront of the #nomakeup movement. According to her she just wants to be free. Now, as a non-celebrity I don’t equate my freedom to whether or not I attend awards shows bare faced or not. I still feel pretty free with a swipe of mascara and I know tons of women who don’t wear makeup regularly, or at all, and they probably wouldn’t relate to this new Movement in the least.

But, what I will say is that I admire the skill that goes into all of the super contoured faces, very heavily filled in brows and  matte lips.  But I think there is a time and place for a very made up face and the grocery store might not be the place for that unless you are heading to a photo shoot right after picking up your bread and milk.

But I digress, back to #nomakeup. According to a recent article in W magazine, apparently Alicia still uses a  makeup artist to make her look so good without makeup. She shared that her routine costs a whopping $455 and even includes rolling her face with a jade roller. She also uses a brow definer, a self tanning serum, and a mattifying powder, but that is still a far cry from the red lips, heavy foundation and winged liner the beauty used to rock.

In my book I mention that I do think most women look a little more polished (yes, even you gorgeous Alicia) with a minimal makeup look.

So here is how to create a #nomakeuplook without spending a fortune and looking a little more polished than #nomakeup.

  • Everything starts with skin care. I use the Clarisonic twice daily.


  • Before applying makeup I use it to cleanse, followed by toner and then I use a tinted sunscreen. This stuff right here is amazing.


  • Then, I use a concealer to cover any small dark spots or discoloration-I am loving this one from Younique


  • I follow the concealer with a quick dusting of loose powder-I us this one from MAC and although loose powder can be messy, it is worth it because it looks much more natural that any pressed powder or thick foundation.


  • After that, I use a Mascara-I love a long full lashes and Better Than Sex is my go to. It is quick and easy to apply and makes your lashes look fabulous in under 60 seconds.


  • I follow with a quick swipe of blush for a nice natural flushed look. My favorite is Peach Twist by MAC for a no makeup look.


  • Finally, I finish with a nude lip with just a hint a color-my all time favorite Polished Up by MAC was retired. I should have have stocked up!  I am using Verve by MAC now on my skin this is a beautiful nude with just a hint of color.



And there you have it. This is a my day look. I can do this in under 5 minutes. I feel a video coming.

If you read my book you know I am big on always looking pulled together so if I’m really doing a #nomakeuplook (sitting around the house or doing something nature related) I still do the skin care and finish with a swipe of mascara and a nude lip. I just skip the concelear, powder and blush. I may give Alica’s three products a try but I believe I would have a tough time ditching the mascara on a regular basis.

I really do love that this  Movement has women talking and questioning the status quo and deciding what works for them and how they feel most beautiful.

I’d love to hear about your makeup and skincare routines. What is your go to product to create a #nomakeuplook?

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Tonya Parker is a counselor, author and certified life coach who believes in helping women look and feel their best! Ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine and author of Single Mom Chic

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