What’s in Single Mom Chic’s Bag?


After my 7 Chic Bags  I keep in Rotation post I received a reader request to do a What’s in My handbag post. I hesitated because I don’t really think the contents of my bag are all that interesting but then I remembered how much I like those Inside My Bag posts myself. It isn’t about having some rare cool thing in your bag, it’s just neat to see what other people deem as important no matter how simple the contents are. Also I’m working on the being more vulnerable thing and kind of like being a little more open. What better way to do that then to spill the contents of my bag?
Since I’m being honest I have to admit that my everyday bag isn’t always as picture perfect as the photo below. I carry a Kate Spade Tote to work daily and sometimes it gets filled with random papers from meetings, more pens than I need, and even ghastly things like gum wrappers and mints that have escaped their tin. I try to clean it out every couple of days. I remember reading an article in Vogue once by a magazine editor who said that if she interviews a woman and she goes into her bag for a pen and its filled with rubbish like empty food wrappers and etc she doesn’t hire her. Sounds a little harsh right? It did make me a little more cognizant of the fact that my purse shouldn’t be a dumping ground, so I try and sometimes fail, to keep it pretty clean. Now while my tote might sometimes be a little bit of a challenge to keep clean, my purses rarely are. Here is what I carry in my handbag.


My Phone-I have the iPhone 6Plus and I love it because it’s big enough for me to feel comfortable writing notes for the blog, answering emails and occasionally reading an article or two. I do have to admit that I am jonesing for the new iPhone though I probably won’t get it as mine is perfectly fine. I try not to buy things I don’t think I need and I guess need is a relative term.  Also, I don’t typically get all excited after an apple launch butI have to admit that I am impressed with the new features on the iphone7. Shatterproof/waterproof screen? Yes, please.

My Kindle-I love to read and you never know when you might have a little extra time to do so. When my doctor’s appointment ran 40 minutes behind last week instead of being super annoyed I took the time to catch up on some reading making the wait only slightly annoying.

Lipstick-If you have been reading my posts you know I have a thing for lipstick. I don’t typically need to touch up my makeup during the day but I always refresh my pout. Right now I am wearing Dior Hydra Gel. I have two of those in my purse. A girl’s got to have options.

Soap and Paper Green Tea hand cream-I love to keep hand cream in my bag. This one not only smells scrumptious and moisturizes but has a scent that gives me a quick pick me up.

My Wallet-I like to invest in a nice wallet that generally lasts several years. I really don’t like to see wallets frayed, dogeared and busting at the seems so I find one what that is pretty good quality and able to handle being tossed around and from bag to bag. I have to admit I am not a big Michael Kors handbag Fan (although I do love the Hamilton) but I use this wallet more than my matching LV.

Glasses-I finally broke down and got prescription glasses last year. I use them to drive. Amazingly I can actually see the street signs now! I got these adorable Dolce and Gabbana nerd chic frames from Target Optical.

Snack bar-I don’t like to be the person who carries food in her bag as that doesn’t sound chic, but the reality is that being hungry makes me angry and I don’t like to be hangry. As a vegetarian I sometimes find myself in situations without as many snack options as I would like so the girl scout in me likes to be prepared.

Nail files-Speaking of being a girl scout I like to keep a nail file  in my purse because you never know when you might have a nail fail. I love the Eeek I Gotta Snag files because they are cute and tiny but work great!

Mints or gum-I prefer to have mints in my bag as gum isn’t always appropriate but I do like gum even though I go through phases of not chewing it at all.  I keep one or the other on hand to freshen up after lunch or a coffee.

Headphones-I absolutely love these Bose headphones. They are small enough to fit in my bag but they unfold into full size headphones. I don’t like earbuds. They drive me crazy!

So that’s whats in my bag. Now that I have spilled my contents I would love to hear what you must have in yours.

p.s. I think I need one of these in my life! It would be perfect for keeping my tote organized.



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Tonya Parker is a counselor, author and certified life coach who believes in helping women look and feel their best! Ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine and author of Single Mom Chic

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