7 Wish List Items to Update My Spring Capsule Wardrobe




I have to admit I can be a little impatient at times. I am often anxious for a certain season and more than ready to move on to the next, so with that being said… bring on spring! Don’t get me wrong, winter has been good to me, I’ve had some time to relax and refresh. I was even able to start this blog, which was something I have wanted to do for quite some time. Having to slow down and sit still during the latest snow storm gave me an opportunity to get my creative juices flowing and join this awesome blogging community. Thank you winter! However, as I look forward to the newness that spring brings I am starting to think about one of the most important things that comes with a new season. Wardrobe! Sounds a little shallow I know, but don’t tell me you’re not thinking the same thing.

Each season is a time for reflection and vision for what lies ahead. I try to put this into practice in many areas of my life and what I plan to wear is no exception. If you have read my previous post about wardrobes or read my book Single Mom Chic, you know that I subscribe to the idea of the capsule wardrobe. As a single mom I always had to be strategic in my purchases, and because I’m a quality over quantity girl the capsule wardrobe came pretty naturally, but over the years I have refined it.

Most people who know me know that I love nice things, but they might be surprised to learn that I rarely shop. Typically if I am hitting the mall it’s for a gift for someone else or a lunch date with a girlfriend- I simply can’t say no to a Nordstrom’s Café date. I even attended the January 1st Dillard’s Sale this year. Men and women were both out in droves. It almost seemed like a sporting event. I didn’t buy one single thing.  Yes, you just read that correctly. I was a spectator, even a supporter, but I didn’t buy anything, because I didn’t NEED anything. When I do shop for myself it’s because I have a need and it’s a very strategic process.

Here is what I do each season:

  • Evaluate my current closet situation-I evaluate to see which items will cross over from my previous season wardrobe.
  • Pack and unpack- Items that don’t make the crossover cut, i.e. bulky sweaters and heavier fabrics get prepared to be packed away.
  • Check for wear- Items that I am going to bring back get a once over for wear and tear. I check for buttons and seams that might need a tailor’s touch and I double check shoes that need to be recapped and shined.
  • Then I make a wish list- What do I want to add to my wardrobe? I call it a wish list because I usually aim high but don’t always buy at the top of the price point. I always look for quality items but often find that I can find something on my wish list at a more reasonable price point. So while I do buy some items on my wish list, other times the list is merely inspirational.


Here are the 7 things I am adding to my wish list this spring

Flare jeans. I really like Paige jeans and these come in petite!



A White Button Down-I try to add one every season. I love the Brooks Brothers “No Iron” version best!



Hunter rain boots-I want to channel my inner Paddington Bear.



The OMG Lo and Son’s Bag- I have several trips coming up this season and love the design and functionality of these travel bags!



I have had a classic black trench forever. I think it is time to invest in another one. This lightweight trench is calling my name. It also comes in Navy.



Structured Tote-this one is super cute and even has a phone charging station. Genius!



Okay, here is a bonus wish item. I probably won’t purchase these this spring but they are on the wish list because they are simply divine!



I think my wish list items will have me ready for spring in no time. Bring on the daisies and warmer temps.

Let me know what you have on your spring wish list too!


Until Next Post,

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Tonya Parker is a counselor, author and certified life coach who believes in helping women look and feel their best! Ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine and author of Single Mom Chic

2 thoughts on “7 Wish List Items to Update My Spring Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Love your inner Paddington bear! Great post! Definitly keeping this in mind, I’m still in the whatever-still-fits-and-allows-me-to-breastfeed wardrobe, can’t wait to go back to wearing nice things!
    Sophy x

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  2. Thank you! I remember that whatever-still-fits-and-allows-me-to-breastfeed wardrobe stage. I did it for almost two years! Still not sure how…lol. Enjoy this time with your little one. You will be back in your nice clothes before you know it. 🙂


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