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Why My Planner Is Life

The other day my daughter went to one of her favorite stores-Paper Source. Paper Source carries all things paper of course. They have personalized invitations, calendars, books and a cute/cheeky gift section. She mentioned flippantly that they were having a planner sale. “Who carries a paper planner in 2016?” she asked. “I do!” I replied.

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How to Take the Risk in 4 Easy Steps

The other day while watching the local news there was a story about a 10 year old chef. I watched as she worked feverishly in the mock television kitchen preparing something to show her viewers; she could really hold her own in the culinary world. I can’t recall what she was whisking and pouring that day or what

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Why Pointy People Rule

I attended a conference a few months ago where several big Virginia colleges talked about what they want to see in their applicants. The University of Virginia is one of the most competitive universities and probably the most desired by Virginia students and parents alike. As a school counselor I can’t tell you how many

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