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Three Takeaways From My Bold Night In NYC

How Bold Are You If you have been following along on Instagram you know that I’ve had what could be described as a fairytale moment in NYC recently. I wanted to share it here too because I feel like what’s happening over at Chico’s deserves more attention than I can give in an Instagram post,

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Forever Fierce Day

What Does Being Fierce (at Midlife) Mean To You? I was recently asked “What does it mean to be fierce at midlife?”by my new friend Catherine Graceo who founded the Forever Fierce Movement for women in midlife. I loved being challenged to answer this question because I’ve always believed that fierce is a state of

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How to Be Your Very Own Trophy Wife

How to Be Your Very Own Trophy Wife Yes, you read that correctly. I am going to tackle a subject that might make some people cringe. The idea of being a trophy wife conjures up images that really aren’t seen as flattering or particularly positive. We often visualize a much younger woman married to a

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