Love it or Loathe it; a Beauty Review


I have been dying to do another beauty review because I have tried a few amazing products over the past two months. I have also run into a couple that didn’t work for me and though loathe might be too strong of a word they certainly didn’t make the cut in my book.

As many of you know I really do try to embrace minimalism as it works for me. I don’t live in one of those new tiny houses (although that would be pretty cool, I am a big fan of Tiny House Hunters). I’m also not technically frugal, but I don’t buy a lot of things. I believe that minimalism is about spending consciously and not buying things you don’t really value or need.

However, I do fall short in one area… Beauty. I certainly don’t need the hoarder’s stash of MAC lipsticks that I have acquired, but what can I say? While, I may not need all of the colors I own, I do love them.  I guess I’m a sucker for a pretty pout.  So, speaking of pretty pouts, I have been a little late getting on the liquid lipstick train. I recently tried a few and here is how they fared.

Mac Liquid Lipstickloathed it. I am sorry my MACettes. I love MAC lips as much as the next MAC obsessed woman but this one didn’t work for me. I found it too drying and while it settled into a matte finish fairly quickly I felt the color was a little off and didn’t settle evenly. It could have been my color choice which was High Drama. It seemed much more stark and vampy than I had imagined.


Colour Pop-These were actually okay. I liked the matte finish, the colors looked nice and they were super inexpensive. I did find them to be a little drying and they needed careful application to make sure the color went on evenly. I like to keep things simple so I ended up giving them to my daughter though because again I only like to keep things I love. Sorry Colour Pop fans.


NYX Liquid lip CrèmeLove this stuff! It is also really inexpensive, gives great color, goes on easy and the crème formula is still matte but not drying. Perfection in a tube. I have been wearing this shade every day for a dose of color. I also have the abu dhabi shade which gives an amazing nude lip look.



Moving on to the most important beauty product…Foundation. Now if you read my recent post on How to Get Good Skin ( you can see it here) you know I am always on the search for the perfect foundation. I know in my heart of hearts that skin care is the most important thing and good skin truly is the foundation for your look but I can’t give in to the idea that there isn’t a perfect bottle of liquid gold out there. I am always trying new foundations and I was always disappointed until I discovered this beauty in a bottle two weeks ago



I came across a Younique Touch Mineral Liquid foundation post in my Facebook feed. It was posted by a gorgeous FB friend from high school. She and her sister have always been amazing beauties, but she kept posting these really authentic looking before and after pictures. While I had not previously been a fan of any makeup products typically found in the direct sales world, something about this foundation seemed different.

I had just tried NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint and to make a long story short I loathed it. I know they have a cult following and I love Orgasm (the blush) as much as the next girl, but Velvet Matte  wasn’t quite  matte enough and didn’t last for me. After that let down I had decided to stick with the MAC mineralize powder and continue my skin care rituals which are working really well. My skin has made amazing strides since adding a few products and getting a facial.

However, I kept looking at those photos and I had to try it! Yes…I know I have a problem.  Anyhow, I asked for two samples and the very next day I attended an event for my book. Lo and behold at said event I ran into another Younique presenter and told her I had just requested samples. She color matched me right on the spot and the swipe of Cypress (not one of the samples I had requested) melted into my skin and softened into a nice powdery finish. Oh my goodness… I was sold! I contacted my FB friend immediately and she mailed the bottle right out. I didn’t even request a sample this time.  I knew I had to have it!

I can’t say enough about how much I love this foundation. I have finally found my liquid gold. The color match is amazing, it stays put all day, it doesn’t settle into fine lines and it is truly matte. A powdery beautiful matte. hallelujah!  But the best part is I get perfect coverage (for me) with one drop! Yep. I said one drop. I love it!

You can get it here

Here are a few other honorable mentions on my love list for this month

Two Faced-Better Than Sex Mascara-Okay lets be real, I certainly don’t think it is actually better than sex…but it is better than some of my favorite mascaras.

Dinoplatz Smart Blotting Papers-Best Blotting papers ever! Unfortunately, after using my new Younique foundation I really don’t need them, but the case and applicator are super cute and it comes with a mirror.

 Sephora Pro Airbush-delivers my one drop of Younique like a pro and feels so good on my face!

So there you have it! Some beauty buys I loathe and several I love.  If you have tried any of them yourself feel free to let me know your thoughts.

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Tonya Parker is a counselor, author and certified life coach who believes in helping women look and feel their best! Ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine and author of Single Mom Chic

8 thoughts on “Love it or Loathe it; a Beauty Review

  1. I love liquid lipstick and I’ve also tried Anastasia Beverly Hills, Jeffree Star, and Kat Von Dee. I didnt love the color or formula for ABH as much as Jeffree Star but I had a hard time finding a good nude that worked with my skin tone with Jeffree Star (haven’t tried some of the very latest shades though). I loved Kat Von Dee but honestly you can’t beat the price and convenience of NYX. I love the formula and shades of their liquid suede lipstick and its a fraction of the price.

    Also had a chance to try Younique and love the foundation shade charmeuse!

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    1. I have wanted to try ABH! Glad to hear you like Nyx and Younique. The other day I came home from work and fell asleep before running errands and grabbing a bite to eat. When I woke up I ran upstairs to freshen up so I could head out and my Younique was still perfect! After a full day’s work and a nap. Lol. Magic stuff.


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